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sabato 4 gennaio 2014

Algeria-Highway highlands: another mega project in grass

According Maghreb émergent,
Divided into three lots as the east-west highway , construction of the highway highlands , a parallel a little further south of the east-west highway (AEO ) , will soon be launched on lots East and Central . Directions Public Works wilaya were so called by their guardianship at a recent meeting in Algiers to identify sections that can be performed by the national tool.

Studies for the construction of the motorway highlands are completed for the two batches East Centre, do we learned from the National Highways Agency (ANA) . Those relating to the lot west are not yet completed. This megaproject 1030 Km highway would connect the far west of Naama , the Moroccan border in the far east of Tébessa the Tunisian border , and 640 km, from Saida (west) to Batna (east), are considered priority to connect the two regions.

For this project, the government relies on domestic firms that have gained experience over the last two five-year plans and the outsourcing of various tasks with the Chinese and Japanese who have worked or are still working on AEO . Unless, of course, that the sections are too difficult for the national tool. 230 Km from the new city of Boughzoul in the wilaya of El Djelfa to Barika in Batna are already budgeted for the year 2014 has just begun and tenders will be launched shortly.

A future network of 5,600 km of highways
This mega- highway highlands was recorded rather in 2010-2014 five-year plan . A plan that includes a massive motorway program to bring the national network to 5,600 km This is the complete AEO ( 1216 km) where it remains today the day , 121 Km to achieve, 6 exchangers 670 Km of network -tube and fence along the highway on 2,432 Km , and upgrade this same highway not yet delivered in its entirety to 256 km ( 50 km completed , 33 km being upgraded and 156 km being launched , 17 km run ) . It also launched the construction works of the 4th ring road of 265 km ( completed studies , work not yet started ), the construction works of 25 motorway links accumulating 2,853 km. Include penetrating linking the east- west ports and towns wilaya highlands : Port of Bejaia - Bouira 100 Km , Port Djendjen ( Jijel ) Setif 100 Km , Port Oran - AEO 26 Km , Port Arzew AEO - 40 Km, Patna - Mila 90 Km, etc. . Almost all of these projects is still penetrating study phase . Only 608 km on the 2853 Km are budgeted for the year 2014 to start work .

Further work
Emblematic of the last two terms of Bouteflika , the proposed east-west highway is subject to a corruption scandal that has not yet revealed all its secrets. This is the most expensive project ever launched by Algeria ( $ 11.4 billion ), which has not been delivered in full seven years after its launch the contractual deadlines of 42 months (three and a half years ) . Again, it will deploy facilities and equipment that will extend the completion dates and more will boost the cost of this infrastructure. With the exception of 10 functional areas of the 42 services that would deliver NAFTAL , there is nothing yet on the highway. The 76 rest areas and sidings (183 Km) are still under excavation .

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