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domenica 12 gennaio 2014

Border surveillance: Drones for Algeria

According Algérie,
To effectively ensure the impermeability of its 6386 km of land borders, all closed except with Tunisia, Algeria has focused on surveillance by armed drones. And it does not skimp on the means.
According to military sources , Algeria is engaged in advanced discussions with Russia for the purchase of thirty drones at this historical armament supplier discussions. It would be the E95 model that produces the famous firm Eniks Kazan. Considered among the best systems in the world air Targetry these drones also carry out reconnaissance missions. The market is estimated according to the same sources , some $ 65 million , or slightly more than 2 million dollars each.

At this important military procurement , the National Popular Army (ANP ) has to add more . Indeed, the generals of the ANP are currently in advanced discussions with China to acquire a lot of drones YiLong such negotiations. The information was published by the manufacturer of the unmanned aircraft , China Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics confirming that " comprehensive testing YiLong armed drones have been successfully completed in November 2013 in Tamanrasset ."

Currently both parties are in the midst of negotiations for the marketing of this product , which measures 9.34 m long with a wing span of 14 m. Weighing slightly more than a ton , it is able to perform missions at an altitude of 5300 m. It has a flight range of 4,000 km, can carry two missiles. It is mostly the cheapest in its class, or 1 million dollars each. Also in the same vein, the ANP has opted for diversification of suppliers and models, including in armed UAV , the effect of combining power and autonomy. After confirming the purchase of armed drones Chinese YiLong , ANP has recently entered into talks at the Dubai Airshow 2013 with the exponent of the Emirati company Adcom Systems arms for a possible acquisition of another type of armed drone.

It is about the United Yabhon 40 block 5. The information was reported by the British magazine specializing IHS Jane's defense , citing Ali Al Dhaheri , CEO of the company Adcom Systems. " An Algerian military delegation has visited the drone area with a view to its acquisition ," said the senior Adcom Systems magazine . According to him, the Algerian generals have justified their interest in this drone by their need for this class of technology to monitor and identify the movements of armed along the Algerian border groups.

The same source noted that Algeria shows interest in acquiring a U.S. Predator drones and Reaper .
British magazine also noted that "the ANP already has a drone of the South African company Denel Dynamics ." A new version of the Denel Seeker 400 UAV and the Italian Selex Falco UAV are also potential candidates to join the inventory of the ANP . Thus, Algeria sharing 1376 km with Mali, Niger 956 km with 982 km on Libya, Morocco with 1601 km , 463 km with Mauritania , 43 km to the Western Sahara and Tunisia 965 km with n longer has the necessary human resources to ensure the safety and sealing its borders , including closed.

Besides the one with the Mali , the most dangerous border worries Algeria is by far the 982 km shared with Libya especially after being invested by the rebels with whom the PNA refused any collaboration. At the last visit Abdelmalek Sellal in Libya, sources close to the Algerian delegation revealed that the country is in contact with Sergio Rincon , the owner of Avio Dynamics, a UAV operator in Colombia . Encouraged by Algiers , Libya can ensure the security of its borders by engaging the company that fly over its skies . Meanwhile, the United States form 8000 Libyan military .

The Pentagon said that the details of the mission are study but training will not take place on Libyan territory . Demand to help train soldiers was sent by the Libyan Prime Minister. The Pentagon said that "the mission is part of US- Libyan programs already in place. NATO also provides assistance to Libya the authorities fail to place under their control the security situation . "

During his visit to the wilaya of Tamanrasset, Abdelmalek Sellal said that the opening of borders in the extreme south of the country with Mali, Niger , Mauritania and Libya is not on the agenda , and , for security reasons . For him , terrorists can enter through these boundaries and create problems in the country .

Surveillance des frontières : Des drones pour l’Algérie

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