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lunedì 13 gennaio 2014

Celebrate Yennayer 2964, THIBES BEST, In honor of the ancestors

According Algérie,
Couscous is the favorite dish of choice for Yennayer , which means January in Berber language . It ' a party which is organized every year since 1980 and is called the Berber Spring , which the Arabs later copied in the small uprising of Sidi Bouzid (Tunisia). This festival has a huge significance for the Berbers of the whole world .
The House of Culture Mohamed Chebouki Tébessa , an important loved one home for all the historical events of Algerians .
Yennayer 2964 arrives. Dear all Algerian and Algerian where it should be in the world, the Amazigh people experiencing a renaissance as it continues to rise from the ashes , despite all the pressures and dictatorships who refuse the historical truth millennium.
Running from January 10 to 13 Tébessa the extreme east of the country, " Thibessbest " Amazigh language , will host a big event out of the ordinary .
Leaving the wilaya of Kabylia across the country every year , as usual, the High Commission for Amazigh (HCA ) has prepared a rich program that will give meaning to the story Tébessa .
This city is not necessarily in a region that covers the provinces of contraband such as North Tlemcen who knows the phenomenon .
Tébessa also citizens who love their history, the unity and identity of origin, in all its dimensions , especially in difficult times , while respecting the differences of peoples. The doors of the 2964 years , typically Amazigh , in all its component, the Numidian king Crachina given a lesson of courage and struggle for dignity and freedom of the peoples of Africa and North Africa in particular. The event will organize various cultural events : conferences, workshops, introduction to reading and writing of Amazigh , film screenings and theater performances.
Proposed by the HCA is very rich and some program activities are of great originality , which will enchant the audience Tébessa . Required step in the new year is destined to be an omen that day , following the ancient Amazigh culture , hard work and prosperity.
Great artists who come from various parts of the country, as Timimoune , Ghardaia , will be waiting for you. As late Medjahed Mohamed ( Momo ) , a columnist and culinary arts specialist ( posthumous ) , Abdenacer Guedjiba researcher in the variant Chaoui Amazigh language , Dida Badi , a researcher in anthropology , specializing in the Tuareg world Aissa Brahimi , songwriter and a pioneer of modern Chaoui song , as well as other artists in the industry who project their film and the fourth art certainly give punch to many fans and followers of artistic and cultural values ​​throughout Algeria .
Yennayer 2964 fits like a spotlight on Nememchas large fraction Amazigh confederation Zénètes and Houara , who now inhabit the regions and other regions to explore chaouies Tebessa absolutely . Happy New Year 2964 by Algerians.
Célébration de Yennayer 2964, THIBESSBEST, En l’honneur des ancêtres

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