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lunedì 6 gennaio 2014

Farewell to the legendary Eusebio, Benfica He made great

Slimane MELAB
I could not miss this time of great sadness for the passing of the greatest Portuguese footballer , Eusebio he did talk about all over the world with his brilliant play , spectacular and very entertaining. Eusebius was the Golden Ball in 1965 and was the architect of his country that dragged on until third place in the Championship in England in 1966 , won its hosts . Eusebius also won 2 cups of samples , 2 gold shoes in 1968 and 1973, he was top scorer for 7 times scoring 638 goals from 614 games and scored a total of 733 goals in 745 games , won 5 league titles and 11 cups of Portugal with his valiant clubs , Benfica , just as it did the black pearl , the great Pele with Santos . In short, the black panther had great results everywhere. A very remarkable and palmares of an honorable respect. In 1966, when Portugal eliminated Brazil, a reporter approached and asked to Eusebio : " You finally beat Brazil ," Eusebius and with a smile said : "It ' easy to beat Brazil without Pele ," the modesty and simplicity make it any stronger character and Eusebius was one of those characters very great esteem ever at the human level or professional . A great player , a legend in international football has failed not only to Portugal or Mozambique or Angola, but also in the whole of Africa , Europe and the rest of the world. Dear Eusebius , rest in peace and that God welcomes you to its vast paradise full of vast grasslands where you going to train forever. Happy New Year 2014 with a warm greeting to all the editors and all sports in Italy.
Eusébio when he was young       Eusébio in a recent photo

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