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sabato 11 gennaio 2014

Inter, yet another defeat against Udinese of the coatch Guidolin.

  By Slimane MELAB
And  why Milito without Belfodil ? ? The second is a man of air , with his powerful physique and a very considerable height , would cover the entire offensive zone and staying on the right side to replace Eto'o made ​​for Milito. If I were at the place of Mazzarri, I would think seriously. Sometimes we have the solutions under our noses that do not exploit . However it is not a bad idea . Lately Inter is going to get worse , I do not see good football , I do not know if the fault lies with the players who are not up on the field or coach to express that there can no longer give a jolt to his team ? In yesterday's game , Milito had received half a cross and a lily and pass away . For a great striker as he needs many balls in the air offensive and otherwise continuing in this manner pretending nothing and ignoring the more important side of a team, we can not move forward. We need all the costs of a true leader who distributes balloons. As for Kovacic is more individualistic altruistic , he sticks too close to the ball and does not free him almost never , ever in search of a great solo effort or a great goal . He's too young for this role. The Inter attack is practically harmless , it is like a ship without a helmsman , and above all too slow and imprecise , external bands make you want , just do not exist . We have fallen too low and it's time to self- criticize much because it is the only way to find inputs that could give us a turning point to a way out of our heads held high , otherwise continue on this path we risk to mire more and more. We play to play so much , without ideas. As for the reinforcements do not think coming year? The thoughts of the new president and his management team are numerous and fans expect a breakthrough by the company, otherwise it is recommended to bite the bullet at the moment and have lots of patience. I am very sad for the negative results of our INTER , however, will always support it and always Hooray for INTER . A warm greeting to all the sports of Italy and the world.

  • Ishak Belfodil.

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