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sabato 4 gennaio 2014

Massive influx of poachers Gulf emirs in Algeria

According to Al ,
There is a massive influx of emirs of the Gulf for a couple of days , they came to poaching in southern Algeria . These are the wilaya (province) of Biskra , El Bayadh Laghouat that record the early settlements.
According to reliable sources , members of the Saudi royal family will join soon Mouhiken area , in the province of Laghouat . The former emir of Qatar , Sheikh Hamed Bin Khalifa Al Thani , accompanied by former Foreign Minister of Qatar, Hamed Ben Djassem is also announced . There are some days , a Qatari plane landed at Hassi R'Mel where he is currently an unusual move for the material deposit. The operation is performed under strict control. According to airport workers , were made available all the resources for the crew to make their task easier. Real fields , 4x4 armored and sophisticated equipment have been landed .
The emirs prefer to land at smaller airports , namely Biskra , Laghouat , or Ghardaia Hassi R'Mel , not to attract attention. A total of seven major personality of Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, at least for the moment , choosing the destination Algeria to spend their winter holidays and practice of poaching. Morocco destination is not so popular. Algerian climate suits them best . The mass flow is explained by insecurity recorded in neighboring countries because of the events of the Arab Spring . Usually, in addition to Algeria , the emirs " poachers " chose Libya, Tunisia , Mauritania, Mali and Sudan. Come to live under the escort of the security forces . According to rumors, are considered " guests of the presidency. "
Intervention groups gendarmerie and national military were mobilized to monitor their fields and to ensure their movements. Hunting Bustard ( Houbara ) is much appreciated by poachers who continue to be desired. They also urged the Algerian authorities to allow them to hunt this species, which Algeria has finally accepted after a six -year ban . It must be said that the emirs benefit of complicity and facilitation of their guests. Businessmen, one of Djelfa and another from Ghardaia , are force fed by poachers gifts. According to our sources , 200 special haj passports were issued by the Saudi authorities to have their incentives to find work and on-site assistance . And that their equipment is safe after their departure
Afflux massif des émirs braconniers du Golfe en Algérie

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