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sabato 4 gennaio 2014

MOROCCO-ALGERIA: 2014 Will it the year of the Cold War?

According " Premier Quotidien du Dahra",
MOROCCO - ALGERIA : 2014 Will it the year of the Cold War ?
For over three decades, Morocco against Algeria leads a Cold War did not say his name , media and diplomatic war against the backdrop of crisis around the issue of Western Sahara that has developed to such an extent that the kingdom Sherifian do not even respect the symbols of the Republic. Without worrying about the feelings of the citizens of neighboring countries and brother, he arranged the desecration of the Algerian national emblem.

MOROCCO - ALGERIA : 2014 Will it the year of the Cold War ?
Since the famous war '' '' Amgala 1975 following the withdrawal of Spain Spanish Sahara , where the Polisario Front fought for freedom against the Moroccan occupation , the Kingdom of Morocco against Algeria returned to the forcing them to release the Polisario. Refusing to sell their principles and withdraw its support for the Saharawi people campaigning for independence, Algeria has found and involved in a war without thank you " Amgala the war." It is the wisdom of Algerian leaders , who have done everything to stop this hemorrhage of blood that the worst has been avoided , which failed to bring the two neighboring peoples in an endless war where the bill could have been dead for heavy the two countries. Despite the melee between the two countries , Algeria has played great, she has developed a wise and prudent diplomacy , favoring the path of peace in the way of tank guns . In 1991, Morocco and the Polisario signed a cease -fire , prior to a self-determination referendum . Unfortunately, the referendum has not yet occurred and Morocco still controls 80% of the territory of Western Sahara. This conflict had caused until today the death of over 16,000 people. A war of propaganda and diplomatic tension against Algeria and a terrorist and unjust war against the Saharawi people is the name of the war that the Moroccan government is engaged for nearly 30 years. In early 2014 year , Morocco still fails to apologize to Algeria following the breach last November , the seat of its Consulate General in Casablanca and the desecration of the national emblem . This act can only confirm the shame of behavior of hatred and misunderstanding on the part of the Moroccan rulers against Algeria and its institutions. Given this new aggression, Algeria countered by the mouth of his foreign minister , who wanted to send a message to Moroccan officials of New Year wishes fairly unique and quite clear. Ramtane Lamamra, " must yet forget the reopening of land borders and the Sahara issue remains a problem of decolonization in the eyes of the neighbor is ." Therefore , the reopening of the Algerian- Moroccan border will not be for tomorrow and Algeria will not yield to blackmail Morocco regarding the Sahara issue , Algiers Morocco is the last colon of 21 century to the world . In preachy Sherifian the monarch , the head of Algerian diplomacy Ramtane Lamamra said that " the Moroccan brothers know exactly what they could and should do to ensure that bilateral relations are a normal course ." The extent of damage to relations between Morocco and Algeria by the aggression against the Consulate General of Algeria in Casablanca and the desecration of the national emblem , will probably not be forgotten. And 2014 will also be another year of tension in relations between the two countries ?
ALGERIE –MAROC : 2014, sera-t-elle l’année de la guerre froide !?

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