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sabato 31 maggio 2014

Abdelmalek Sellal opens the Conference of Non-Aligned Countries, "We must work together to eradicate terrorism"

According Algérie,
Algeria calls for the " eradication of terrorism, this transnational scourge." This is certainly the view expressed yesterday Wednesday by Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal , who chaired the opening of the 17th Ministerial Conference of the Non-Aligned ceremony at the Palais des Nations in Club des Pins Algiers.
Sellal , speaking on behalf of Abdelaziz Bouteflika, say , and in front of more than 80 representatives of member countries and dozens of guests as President of Bolivia, that reforms of any kind, " can not be brought to an end and the positive effects that are expected if the conditions of stability and security are in place to ensure sustainable development and the challenges and threats that continue to darken the horizon of international relations . " More explicitly, he continues: " As such , terrorism, associated with transnational crime and drug trafficking has become a scourge of extreme gravity for the international community addressing the political, economic and social fabric of our States and tending gradually to extend the areas of insecurity and instability as in the Sahel . "
Among the interlocutors Abdelmalek Sellal in assistance , mostly ministers and ambassadors, there was actually all the representatives of the Sahel, the region most severely targeted by Al Qaeda terrorists. But not only . The there is also included representatives of countries, including the " non-aligned movement " whose actions are not a model in terms of cooperation in the fight against terrorism. Far from it ! Responsibility of countries like Saudi Arabia or Qatar in the worsening situation in the Sahel and , more generally, in the magnitude reached by the Islamist terrorist threat in the world is actually fully engaged , the unless we can say .Wahhabi kingdom that finances and supports all Salafist groups and always tiny and wealthy neighbor , Qatar, that even more reluctant to provide finance and weapons including armed Islamist groups, such as Libya and Syria with results are known , they can reasonably play the game ? Unlikely. Anyway , Algeria, which has suffered most from the terrorist barbarity apparent, through the voice of the Prime Minister that " it is fortunate that the international community has taken the measure of this serious threat and that it has decided to oppose a coordinated and consensual response both at the United Nations on the regional level.
It is therefore of utmost importance that our movement continue its collective commitment and solidarity and its Member States work together to eradicate this transnational scourge. "
The Algiers conference will also have the opportunity to hold a number of meetings on the sidelines of limited , the most important one, bringing together representatives of all the countries directly affected by the Libyan crisis.
Abdelmalek Sellal ouvre la conférence des non-alignés :  «Unissons nos efforts pour éradiquer le terrorisme»

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