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mercoledì 28 maggio 2014

Afghanistan: Taliban denounce "prolonged occupation" American.

According to " The "
The Taliban have denounced Wednesday to keep thousands of American troops in Afghanistan until 2016, proposed yesterday by President Barack Obama, promising to pay the United States the price of this " prolonged occupation " .
President Obama has presented Tuesday about the intentions of the United States in Afghanistan , suggesting to keep 9,800 troops after the departure of most of the 51,000 NATO soldiers at the end of the year.
These American soldiers still deployed after 2014 gradually leave Afghanistan by the end of 2016, after which 200 of them remain in the embassy under the traditional bilateral military cooperation , he said.
But the Taliban leader for more than a decade a violent revolt against the forces of NATO forces and their Afghan allies reiterated their opposition to any continued presence of foreign troops.
The maintenance of these soldiers , continued occupation of the United States ' " Afghanistan and violent" sovereignty (country) , religion and human rights " , denounced the insurgents in a statement.
"In view of past experience, we say to the Americans that if they want to waste their time here , creating problems in our country ... who will suffer more than others ," he added a reference to the rebels fighting Soviet troops in the years ' 80.
" If the Americans really want to end the war in Afghanistan , should withdraw all their troops in the country ... We will continue jihad + + (holy war) , even if only one American soldier remains in Afghanistan," they added.
- A scenario of Iraq ? -
However, the ' implementation of the plan will depend upon the White House, signed by the future president of Afghanistan, bilateral Security Treaty (BSA ), which governs the terms of a U.S. military presence after 2014 .
President Hamid Karzai , whose term will end after the second round of presidential elections in Afghanistan , scheduled for June 14 , has so far refused to sign the warrants , to the chagrin of Washington.
But the two candidates to succeed him , Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah , have already committed to subscribe for, despite the opposition of the Taliban , also invited to the peace talks in order to stabilize the country after the withdrawal of NATO.
"Afghanistan is not ready to retire ," notes the analyst Mia Gul Wasiq , judging insufficient in terms of Barack Obama as a " terrorist ," still plagues the country and fairly strong local institutions.
" If the Americans withdraw irresponsibly , Afghanistan will become like Iraq," plagued by an outbreak of communal violence , he predicts .
"The situation is better ( now ) than I had planned last year ," said President Obama in a brief surprise visit earlier this week at the American base at Bagram, north of Kabul.
- Attack against the United States -
Afghanistan is experiencing a wave of violence in the period of the second round of the presidential elections .
Two Americans were wounded Wednesday in an attack against diplomatic vehicle in Herat, western Afghanistan 's largest city , generally untouched by the violence of the Taliban.
Vehicle, drive from the local airport , was targeted by unidentified gunmen on a motorcycle , said the Afghan authorities .
" Two Americans were slightly wounded ," said the American Embassy , claiming to be in " close contact" with the Afghan authorities to challenge the attackers and bring them to justice .
On Friday, four insurgents opened fire at the Indian consulate in that city without causing casualties among the staff of the diplomatic mission .

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