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venerdì 16 maggio 2014

Construction of gas infrastructure project Reggane North Petrofac won the market for $ 976 million

According Algérie ,
Sonatrach Group and its partners , the Spanish Repsol , RWE -DEA German and Italian Edison , told Britain's Petrofac achievement of the gas infrastructure project Reggane North , for a total of 976.05 million dollars, as part of a agreement signed Thursday in Algiers between the two parties .
Reggane North , is one of the first projects to be developed in the south -west of Algeria, a region supposedly contain significant gas reserves but little explored so far. The largest known deposits are exploited and those in the south of the country.

The project Reggane North is a production of type association share to 40% by Sonatrach , to 29.25 % by Repsol . Groups of RWE - DEA and Edison hold 19.50 % and 11.25% respectively .

Under this contract , Petrofac is responsible for carrying out over 36 months across the industrial base necessary for the development of the project , including a central gas processing 8 million m3/day , a system for collecting and transporting Pipline 74 km of length while the first quantities of gas will be extracted in 2017 .

Petrofac is a leading British engineering , technologies and projects in the oil and gas industry. In 2011, he won a contract with BP to 1.185 billion dollars to develop the second phase of the operation site of natural gas In Salah .

In 2013 , Sonatrach has entrusted the implementation of a new compression unit to increase gas production field in the province of Alrar Illiz a group Petrofac , which includes nearly $ 670 million .
Réalisation des infrastructures gazières du projet Reggane nord, Petrofac décroche le marché pour 976 millions de dollars

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