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lunedì 26 maggio 2014

European elections - Manuel Valls: "We need new tax cuts"

By Slimane Melab
There there's no smoke without fire and vice versa. The change was alert , although Mr Valls and company prepare to rehabilitate a system policy on the way to total failure , on the other hand, French disoriented and unbalanced in the sense that all seek refuge , an outcome that would have brought renewal, social and economic change. Unfortunately the political orientation hardly counts if it is devoid of basal reforms that will ensure security across the social system. Flamboyant prices are increasing and multiplying and paradoxically the salary of the worker who has remained stagnant and unchanging . The French people did not choose the FN Marine Le Pen , on the contrary , he has chosen the new, the promise of the President and the dreams of all  citizen.
Acctuellement in Europe , just invent a party that excludes immigrants, we suddenly supports .
The French misters who oppose against immigrants have very short memories well as it was also thought that if France loses countries ( Overseas Provinces ) , what will happen to our country? ?
The Conservative Party is no longer fashionable , the largest country and most powerful of the world is America (USA) , which consists of all races around the world , so the mix has produced very positive results and ffective . We must destroy these medieval political barriers that are anywhere but at the regression of all system .
Après la déroute du PS aux élections européennes, Manuel Valls défend la politique du gouvernement.
After the defeat of PS in the European elections, Manuel Valls defends government policy. © Philippe Huguen / AFP

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