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mercoledì 14 maggio 2014

Inter president Erick Thohir criticized for his faith to be a Muslim??

Each one of us is free to pray to whomever he pleases , absolutely do not believe the allegations and phrases Galli , published in the Gazzetta dello Sport today 05/14/14 .
Erick Thohir , first of all he is a man the same rights as any citizen in the world. His Holiness , Pope prays always for respect , peace and above all pray that the love is born between the peoples of the world and regardless of skin , race or religion. It ' an argument passed and now very much back.
Erick Thohir , President of the Inter bought only the football team , not the cathedral of Milan on their way to pray with her Muslim religion and even if it is the case, the matter is closed , each buyer is free to do what he wants his own beni.Thohir has not signed any other contract with a clause to pray to Jesus at any cost. He is a business man , an entrepreneur who makes his interests . The religion is a matter which does not relate to football but the whole of humanity . UVI remember George Weah (Muslim) ? ? He always prayed on the sideline before entering the game and did not disturb anyone. Many Christians make the sign of the cross before or after the game. I think it's completely normal. It is the creed that is missing in Italy but the bottom economic , Who is really conservative and nationalist , who tends to buy himself everything that is on sale to prevent foreign buyers to come forward. IU Chinese have bought most of the most sensitive and important in Italy. Honestly, it is a disappointment to hear about religion from the mouth of a former football player of excellent quality as the Gauls.
However , you can always criticize the work of the President Thohir but never his faith that must remain untouchable.
The Arab sheiks are buying several top teams in Europe and no one opens his mouth on the case. If Mr. Galli was the director general of Inter would criticize the faith of its president? ?
I do not think so. Money makes the throat at all ....
A cordial greeting to the president of Inter Erick Thohir and all the sports of Italy and the world.

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