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lunedì 19 maggio 2014

The President Bouteflika receives British Ambassador to Algeria

According Algé ,
The President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika received Sunday in Algiers , the British ambassador to Algeria , Martyn Roper that made him a farewell visit . In a statement after the hearing, Mr Martyn Roper noted that " Algeria is a key country in the field of security in the region ." "We discussed the deepening of bilateral relations between the two countries and we believe in the security field in Algeria is a key country in the region," he said, adding that his country supported efforts Algeria in the establishment of regional security.

The British ambassador also recalled the security strategic partnership between the two parties has already been two meetings until the third. He also said that his talks with President Bouteflika focused on the progress and achievements realized in recent months in various areas like the areas of trade , health , technology and agriculture .

The British diplomat also felt that the partnership between the two countries " has already borne fruit and the two governments have agreed to organize a conference on investment in London in October with the participation of ministers of both parts and businessmen.

He noted the progress in the field of teaching English language , noting that recent agreements " will fit in the time especially with the opening of the learning center of English ( British Council ) in September which, according to him, a positive action , " and the agreement for one hundred (100 ) Algerian university teachers benefit from a course of English in universities in this country for 5 years. ( Aps )
The eternal president of Algeria, A. Bouteflika.

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