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mercoledì 28 maggio 2014

Pakistan: young woman stoned to death for having a love marriage

According to "The"
Opposed the marriage, the family filed a complaint for "kidnapping." But upon arrival at the court, they opened fire.
Une jeune Pakistanaise a été lapidée pour s'être mariée par amour.
A young Pakistani woman was stoned to death for marrying for love. © Banara Khan / AFP

Farzana Iqbal , a Pakistani woman of 25 years, was recently married for love and had so defied his family in a country where forced marriages are still the norm . Three months pregnant , was stoned to death Tuesday in the middle of a big city, by members of his family opposed her marriage . Furious , the family filed a complaint for "kidnapping " Romeo Giulietta against Pakistan , which is presented Tuesday to the Lahore High Court (east) where it should " tell the judge that she was married by choice" according to his lawyer , Mohammad Rao Kharal .

But the young Farzana could not testify about thirty members of his family were attacked upon arrival at the court located in the center of this metropolis of more than ten million people, according to police. " His brother began with opening fire on her with his gun, but missed its target," said a senior police official in Lahore, Rana Akhtar . " Farzana fled, but fell to the ground . Members of his family were then surrounded and beat her to death with bricks ," said he added. At the request of the unfortunate husband , however, was the second wife Farzana , the Lahore police filed charges against members of the family of the young woman, said Mohammad Mushtaq , another police officer. In Pakistan, nearly 1,000 women and teenage girls were killed last year for having " dishonored " their families , according to the National Commission for Human Rights , which denounced the " impunity " enjoyed by the perpetrators of these murders.

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