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sabato 17 maggio 2014

The construction of the Mosque of Algiers barely out of the ground

According Algeria,
The Minister of Religious Affairs and Wakf , Mohamed Aissa told the constuction of the Mosque of Algiers Bouteflika decided by lagging behind schedule .
At a cost of one billion euros , the construction of this mosque on the set of Mohammedia started in February 2012. Commonly known as the Mosque of Bouteflika , its construction was awarded to a Chinese company has been January 2009 of an exclusion from the World Bank for a term of 6 years. As a reminder, in January 2009 , the World Bank announced that it had canceled the China State Construction Engineering Corporation have engaged in collusion and corruption in the context of a major road project funded by this institution in the Philippines.

During an inspection visit to the site of the Great Mosque in Mohammedia , Mr. Aissa said the delay in the project could be made up through the organization of a meeting with Algerian expertise and foreign to overcome the difficulties encountered .

After more than two years of work, the mosque barely out of the ground . Thus, according Mahfoud Allouche , head of the project, the progress rate " of more than 25% with 22 % for the prayer room , 10% for the minaret and over 50 % for large jobs ." Construction the great mosque , which should be delivered in the second half of 2015 may take a few more years of work . The same official said that the deadline for completion of certain structures of the project could be extended.

For the vox populi , so considerable for the construction of a mosque investment has one objective: to the glory of Abdelaziz Bouteflika. For this project , it intends to outdo the King of Morocco , Hassan II, who had also built a huge mosque in Casablanca,
La construction de la Mosquée d’Alger peine à sortir de terre

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