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domenica 18 maggio 2014

Diego Simeone is the champion of Spain!!

Slimane Melab
Slimane Melab
Simeone had had little chance in Italy , although it has already been proven to be a great player. What he managed to do was not by chance, in fact he had to work a lot, especially entering his players his philosophy of the game. The results proved him right . With this prestigious trophy of La Liga , Dieguito Simeon is currently on top of the world, including the young coaches who have won something and without reinforcements or great players or even players with a multitude of gold balloons . Regarding the boat if there is not the game , the presence of samples is useless. With or without Messi and Neymar , the music does not change. As I had already written in my previous article and comments : "Barça enough" / .. Barcelona are now orphaned by the creator of the game " Tiki Taka " and above was neutralized by many the strongest teams in Europe and Spain. Martin, could not continue to put in place a system of play that does not belong to him. Sooner or later it gave way. If we analyze only the salary of Messi alone is worth more than the whole team of Atletico Madrid. Money does not always bring victory , it takes the heart and commitment . Congratulations to Atletico Madrid and especially its young and great Argentine coach Diego Simeone .

Liga, Simeone: "Abbiamo fatto la storia. Lotta e umiltà contro tutto"

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