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sabato 31 maggio 2014

The 47th International Fair of Algiers opened yesterday the Prime Minister to foreign producers, "Come to produce here"

According Algérie ,
In nearly three hours , it will have traveled the 48 347 square meters of the show , starting with the guest of honor , the United States and ends , as tradition from Algeria to stand.
E ' in a climate of campaign that was given yesterday afternoon, kick starter for the 47th edition of the International Fair of Algiers ( FIA) . In fact, the Prime Minister is in American music star Mary Mcbride to open this traditional fair , cutting the wire opening that door in the United States to stand, the guest of honor at this event.
The Prime Minister will have started by Uncle Sam before the trip, one by one , the rest of the pavilions . As usual, listen carefully to the explanations of exhibitors before asking questions and supports in particular. So , at the stand of the U.S. company " Varian Medical Systems " , specializing in equipment for radiotherapy , insisted on the availability of spare parts .
In other stands , said the transfer of technology and the creative investment of wealth. " We do not need to sell your products, but we want them to file in place ," he began . During his visit , described exhibitors priority areas of the country. "The health , agriculture , housing and tourism " are the themes that kept repeating . The Prime Minister did not violate his costumes ... Sellal ! Topics very friendly , but most jokes were as usual menu .
The CEO continued , surrounded by a cordon of guards , under the objectives of photographers and cameramens , and in the middle of a forest of microphones, taking his time to visit this economic event becomes inevitable. In nearly three hours , will have traveled 48 347 square meters of area. And as usual, the visit ended at the booth Algeria , where he expressed his pride in some domestic producers.
The Prime Minister was accompanied by several members of the government , senior officials and representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited in Algiers. It ' was the first public release of government Sellal III almost complete. There was also the president of the Constitutional Council , Mourad Medelci , who made his reappearance public. The new faces of the government, many do not recognize , lent themselves with joy to this tradition , which serves a large hot ... To return to the FIA ​​under the sign of "a strong and serene Algeria ," 1045 has brought together domestic and ester . It will focus on the opportunities multifaceted cooperation between economic operators .
About 600 foreign companies to the FIA ​​come from 37 countries, including 27 official pavilions in eight European countries , eight Arab countries, four in the Americas, five from Asia and two in Africa. Fifty foreign companies from Spain, Italy , India, Iran , South Africa , Belgium, Ukraine , Burkina Faso, Mali and Yemen compete individually in this edition.
United States of America , as a guest of honor at the 47th FIA , is the first country in the Americas to benefit from this quality . Morning exclusively reserved for professional business people are expected at the exhibition , which will run for six days ( until June 2 ) , and the occurrence of event devote more professional. These mornings scheduled for May 29 June 1 and 2 will enable professional visitors expected to have business relationships that will ultimately lead to mutually beneficial partnerships .
Individuals, they will be able to buy in the halls of the 453 national societies and, unlike foreign , are authorized to make the sale on the spot. So off for a week of good business , whether for business or individuals. From May 28 to June 2 of occasions, is Safex ...
La 47e foire internationale d’Alger inaugurée hier le premier ministre aux industriels étrangers : « Venez produire chez nous »

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