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domenica 28 settembre 2014

After running Hervé Gourdel to Tikjda anger and pain in Kabylia

According to "Algeria",
Over the weekend, while several wedding parties have been scheduled in the resort, disc jockey and other noisy sound systems were deactivated in memory of Herve Gourdel who has many friends in the area.
That's dismay, the emotion and sadness that were visible on the faces of people in the eastern region of Bouira, particularly in the city of El ESNAM and Bechloul. Two town not far from where some families Tikjda personally knew the French hostage killed last Wednesday. Moreover, among those who accompany the dead hostage, two from El-ESNAM and one Bechloul.
In the words of the family of one of the assistants, Mr. Gourdel went several times at the top of Tikjda where he had his little habits. Much appreciated by mountain guide who had made ​​friends with the shepherds guarding their flocks on the hills above the village as a destination AAMI Said. The latter also vividly remembers his first encounter with "Aroumi ', as he likes to call it:" It' been there two or three years, I do not remember, she was taking pictures of my French cows.
As I approached, I spoke to him in Kabylia and he smiled at me and asked me if I owned these animals. E 'from there we became friendly, often crossed during his visits here' 'The same bonhomie is described by a former security officer CNSLT reminiscent of Mr. Gourdel.: "A gentle man, curious, passionate by nature, a person that respects the environment tremendously.
Several times he lashes out against the hikers that pollute the environment, leaving behind garbage. 'According to the brother of a friend of the victim, who was a guest in their house Tikjda, this small group of climbers had made ​​several hiking and climbing in the area, in the mountains of Mimouna (Haïzer) Tighzert up riding a massive Akouker, among provinces of Tizi Ouzou and Bouira.
Mr. Hilal, the P / APC El-ESNAM territorially and administratively with the site Tikjda depends, was also in a state of shock after hearing the news of the assassination of Mr. Gourdel: "It 's not someone I know personally, but I been told many things about him. through his many trips here, and especially Mr. Tikjda Gourdel had made ​​many friends in the area and that has always respected the places he visited, while promoting Tikjda through its various movements of the countries he visited.
A APC El-ESNAM, we are still in a state of shock and we hope to extend our condolences to the family of Mr. Gourdel. "The proof of sympathy around the murder of French citizens are numerous. And during the weekend, while several wedding parties have been scheduled in the resort, disc jockey and other noisy sound systems were disabled, in memory of a person greatly appreciated in the region.
We also learn that those who accompany Mr. Gourdel have always felt part of the security services for the purposes of the survey, while the Tikjda cottage where they spent their first night has been examined by experts from the National Institute of Forensic Science and Criminology Bouchaoui , who sealed. Search operations conducted by the military sectors Bouira and Tizi Ouzou to recover the body of the French national team are still in progress.
Après l’exécution d’Hervé Gourdel à Tikjda Colère et deuil en Kabylie

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