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domenica 28 settembre 2014

Inter, Mazzarri: "Team surpliced, my fault: I had to do more than turn-over"

 Slimane Melab
 Slimane MELAB
Finally, here I am again after a bit of relaxe, I indeed needed. I'm not very happy with my team, but I think Thohir, our president has not yet guessed the right players to win and not only that, the coach continues to apply its own game which in my opinion does not work at all. I, I do not get excited for the results achieved at the expense of the weak teams. Even last year never applied the turn ower that he would shake some more victory. The tips should be replaced frequently to give the chance to the attack to breathe fresh air and fresh. However, we are at the beginning and that the majority of players came this year. Diamogli cordinarsi and the time necessary to get to know better in the field. A cordial greeting to all the sports in the world.
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