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domenica 14 settembre 2014

EU contagion fears after the independence of Scotland

Slimane MELAB,
The wind of freedom blows often over the nations oppressed, deprived of their human rights, robbed of their lands, forbidden to practice their true devotion to their culture and to study their mother tongue A large number of countries wishing to breathe clean air without pollution.
I do not think that Scotland is the only one to be at the forefront of waking others (regions) to act in order to gain independence.
We are in the XXI century and the man continues to bluff and take advantage of his brother, using all manner of sometimes violent.
Scotland will be neither the first nor the last, and to make a decision like that, there will be many others surely will follow. We saw the big melt USSR, Yogoslavia, Sudan ...... Domination is a virus that does not last long, sooner or later someone will always neutralize it.

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