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lunedì 29 settembre 2014

By Tazmalt acctualité, Black cabinait of the MALG the stash of Oujda clan pending war in Algeria The son of General De ..

By "Tazmalt acctualité"
General De Gaulle: "France
August 13, 2014, 05:04
The son of General de Gaulle has reported in his latest book, "My Father De Gaulle," a strong sense of trust made ​​by his father: "We have left 140,000 harkis infiltrated the ranks of the NLA." It was the nose and beard "... genius" Boussouf and his "Moroccan Malg" .read please: 1-The Malagasy particular the first class named Larbi Ben Hidi promo I generally come from families of refugees from civil servants working for the Moroccan government and, incidentally, traders and farmers settled in Morocco for many years. The petty bourgeoisie, to use a Marxist formulation. Here are some of the famous names known to promote Moroccan Malg Hadjadj Malika, Miri Rachida Hamid Ghozali, Abdessmed Chellali, Mustapha Berri, Mohamed Semache, Kerzabi Smail Abdullah Khalaf (Kasdi Merbah), Abdelkader Khalaf (Kamel), Ali Tounsi (Ghouti), Ahmed Zerhouni (Ferhat), Hadj Azzout (Nacer), Mohamed Laala (Kaddour), Abdelhamid Temmar (Abdenour), Hassan Bendjelti (Abderezak) Boualam Bessaieh (Lamine) etc. ... 2 two rich Moroccan families offered their homes and farms to accommodate Stage Malg. These are the families and Benyekhlef Bouaabdallah. A son Bouaabdallah is currently the CEO of Air Algeria. 3-From the Declaration of Independence, July 5, 1962, the clan of Oujda foments his first coup deposed violently GPRA (Provisional Government of the Algerian Republic). 4 According to an informed source, the real Ahmed Benbella would not Mahjoub Ben Ahmed Ben Embarek marrakchi would be a father and a mother. His official biography gives birth Maghnia, but the culture of lies are the Algerian authorities to suffering. 5-Zerhouni created the service action ordered by the disaster Abdallah Benhamza. The torturer, who had confessed to the press afterwards, he was responsible for suppressing the Communists and Berberists tough opponents. Kasdi Merbah, the brothers Zerhouni, Ali Tounsi and all Moroccans trained Boussouf and structured in MS has sown terror among the population. 6-Another example is General Salim Benabdallah said Slim, "was born in 1938 in the West." In the same generation Zerhouni, has held strategic positions as Director of External Relations DND 1990-1996 This cap Intelligence structure of all employees milestones in the Algerian embassy. In 1999, Bouteflika has entrusted the direction of the Protocol trying to make him the master of the presidential security and protection (DSPP) .The DRS stopped him holding the presidency of another "Moroccan Malg" the general said Hassan Bendjelti Abderezak whose official lie to believe is the only senior officer from the South, because of its pronounced tan. 7-The co-optation of appointments Algeria introduced many Moroccans in the strategic operation of the State. One of the most famous is the current Chief of Staff of the Presidency of Moulay Mohamed El Guendil Meknessi who has acquired the citizenship of Algeria in 1972 before being appointed to that high office by Bouteflika, has long been the kingpin of the Ministry of the Interior where has climbed all levels (Head Daira, Wali, chief of Staff, General Secretary). 8-colonel Bencherif estimated the number of returned from Morocco in 1962 to no less than 10,000 Algerian men trained only to take power and govern any internal opposition with the blessing of the Gaullist power. 9-On can not speak jobniks borders, not to mention nameOf the current President of the Senate Abdelkader Bensalah the current president of sénat.Celui itself that can become president in case of death or prevention would Bouteflika.Abdelkader Bensalah of Moroccan origin. He acquired the Algerian nationality by naturalization in September 1965 at age 24 shortly before being appointed diplomat at the Embassy of Algeria in Egypt. 10-A sample of the fears expressed in 1959 by Colonel Lotfi Mr. Ferhat Abbas then president of the GPRA (Provisional Government of the Algerian Republic): "Our Algeria will fail in the hands of the colonels, as saying illiterate. Many of them I observed a tendency to fascist methods. Everyone dreams of being sultans absolute power. Behind their fights, I see a serious threat to the independent Algeria. they have no concept of democracy, freedom and equality among citizens. they keep the commandment to exercise the taste of power and authoritarianism. What will happen in Algeria in the hands of these people? I need you (Ferhat Abbas) to do something while there is still time ... "He predicted

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