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domenica 21 settembre 2014

Sarkozy back in business despite ....

Slimane MELAB,
Without a doubt Nicola Sarkozy is a very shrewd man and prepared for any event. After the bitter defeat against the current president François Hollade, Sarkozy had a brilliant idea to leave politics in order to make its absence and its great weight q those who have nailed and discarded, although right now he feels strongly the need to redeem himself again and re-launch on track policy. A shot of the French population feels this great longing for a man, one giant more charismatic speaker who knows how to convey confidence and positivity, and despite all the "Bullshit" combined, has never lost the taste even for a moment to take the road from where had left him. Now Sarkozy feels so encouraged and supported morally and materially by his former comrades and his old sponsor, come back to attack again but this time it is all downhill. Lately, the French seem to look a lot like Italians that despite all that combined Berlusconi, he has become such an icon of the people and that according to many sources tangible, people still argue even at the age of 77 years?
Sarkozy acts like a man of the West, but think like a man of the East. He Pellacchia tough and very durable. in Italy it is said: "Whoever takes the win." will be so for Sarkozy once again ???
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Sarkozy in thought to the "PUTIN" ???

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