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venerdì 5 settembre 2014

Brazil: 100% female city desperately seeking men

According to "The"
The 600 inhabitants of Noiva do Cordeiro, where men are tolerated in the weekend appeal to singles. Any takers?
Les femmes célibataires de la petite bourgade brésilienne de Noiva do Cordeiro lancent un appel à la gent masculine.
Singles of the Brazilian town of Noiva do Cordeiro women are appealing to the male. © DR / screen on the Facebook "Velo do Cordeiro" Capture account
For those Meetic bait is left indifferent, and tempted by expatriation, there must now Noiva do Cordeiro. This small village in the south-east of Brazil, in the region of Belo Horizonte, in fact conceals unsuspected treasures: 600 inhabitants almost all single and ... desperate.
The distinctive feature of this rural town, as reported 20 minutes, is to count only the women, a trait that dates back to 1891, when a young woman excommunicated for adultery five generations came to find refuge in the village. Since then, many single women came to settle in and reign supreme in Noiva do Cordeiro.
The only snag in this well established patriarchy: men are bare minimum. These gentlemen are in fact tolerated only under very special conditions. The husbands of the ladies, when they exist, are invited to work in the city during the week and only reappear weekend. As for their son, they have to leave the house for 18 years.
"They have to be willing to live by our rules"
It is not easy in these circumstances to find your soul mate. However, most of the village women are aged between 20-35 years and ... unique. They therefore decided to respond and to appeal to the male. "The only men you meet are married or have family links with us, complained Nelma Fernandes in the columns of the Daily Mail.
"For a long time I have not kissed a man, she says., We all dream of falling in love and getting married., But we like to live here, and we will not leave our cities to find a husband. Would like to meet men who leave their lives in come be a part of us. But first, they must agree to live under our rules and do what is asked of them. "
Gentlemen, you have been warned. If you want to integrate the community, you will need to bend the rules and accept a command to the 100% female. The women veil Cordeiro are really not ready to give up their prerogatives. "There are many things that women do better than men. Our city is more beautiful, better organized and more harmonious than if it were directed by men. When problems and conflicts arise, we solve our then trying to find a consensus rather than fall in the conflict, "reflects Rosalee Fernandes, 49, cited by MyTF1News.

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