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sabato 6 settembre 2014

the LFC 2014 requires dealers to invest, the state wants to clean !!!

According to "Algeria"
Following the example of Turkey, Algeria is called to engage in the exciting adventure of the automotive industry.
While the first automotive brand to diamond factory will be released in November in Oued Tlelat in Oran, the government invites retailers serving or those who are about to be investing in industrial or semi -industriele. In fact, the new measures taken by the Finance Act 2014 to regulate the activity of car dealers have been a ministerial decree signed by the Minister of Industry and Mines, Abdessalam Bouchouareb and published in the latest Official Journal (OJ).
The ministerial decree is essentially to set the conditions for the exercise of the activity of import and sale of passenger cars or utilities, and construction according to the procedures in section 52 of the Act. I bet it was primarily intended to clean up an area that has suffered so much anarchy and treachery that often hurt consumers.
This is even more true that the law in question, while in recent months, it has been observed a liberalized market is changed, and the proliferation of independent dealers who act illegally were found on roadsides and parking in the city, speculation and strengthen the informal sector. For example, the city of Sour El Ghozlane, in the wilaya of Bouira, saw the spontaneous appearance of the famous souk El Waad Essadek an empire out of nowhere and hit the lucrative business of selling new and used cars whose fall was sensational . To recall, and following the collapse of the giant cardboard, thousands of citizens from all over the country and have concluded operations, at least obscure, with the company El Waad Essadek, demanded the return of their money. Only representatives of the strongest automotive brands will therefore be right at the table and can boast as the official representative of the manufacturer or car manufacturer. How Sovac official distributor of the German Volkswagen Group (AVG) in Algeria and is one of the first dealers to have expressed its intention to exercise the thrilling adventure of the automotive industry. It 'clear that in terms of long-term development, distributed by the German automaker in this country has long provided for the establishment of a factory on Algerian soil. In addition, we have, on many occasions, mentioned the existence of discussions between top German and Algerian officials about it. It was also argued that the project represents an investment of $ 150 million for the German manufacturer. Yet, current law calls for auto dealers to invest in industrial activities and / or industry, including light on the production of assemblies and / or subassemblies of parts for the automotive industry. The investment must be made within a maximum of three years, from 1 January 2015 for the dealers that are active. For other dealers, investment must be made within a maximum period of three years from the grant date of final approval.
The investment can be made by the dealer himself or in partnership with national and foreign operators activation in areas related to the car, according to the criteria established by specifically what it says.
Car dealers have not made ​​the investment in accordance with section 52 of the Finance Act 2014 shall be subject to the withdrawal of recognition on the part of the authorized services of the Ministry of Industry. Finally, it provides the current text
la lfc 2014 oblige les concessionnaires à investir, l’état veut faire le ménage

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