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lunedì 15 settembre 2014

Senate 2014: the favorite in his right hand.

According to "The"
Which party is preferred? Who is running for the presidency? The FN can make his debut in the Senate? User Senate on September 28.
Les Écossais votent le 18 septembre pour ou contre leur indépendance vis-à-vis du Royaume-Uni.
The Minister of Justice Christiane Taubira is for senators April 4, 2013 (illustrative photo). © JACQUES DEMARTHON / AF
The Senate does not interest you? You are wrong! If it is less publicized than the National Assembly, the Senate, which represents local authorities, it is particularly important as it has a part of the legislature. As such, pass laws and control the government. Deciphering 2014 elections.
What are the problems?
The 348 Senators serve for six years and sit in the Luxembourg Palace. The Senate is renewed by half every three years. The next elections to be held September 28, 2014, should serve to elect 178 senators by a panel of 87 500 "voters", comprising 95% of representatives of Commons. The election takes place in 58 metropolitan departments, an overseas department, four communities overseas and 6 districts of the French abroad.
Why is the right favorite?
The victory of the left in the Senate is nearly three years was a historic first under the Fifth Republic. But in the upper house, the alternation is like love, which lasts three years: municipal elections in March, where more than 150 cities with more than 9,000 people have gone to the right should change the situation. And with the bad unemployment figures and the budget deficit, government hiccups, scandals, including the Valerie Trierweiler book case and Thévenoud the socialist label is increasingly difficult to bear. Lower provisions for their members then are asked the same additional expenses within school hours does not help.
In this context, the short left-wing majority (which is up to 6 places), after the previous election, in September 2011, should not be extended. If Senator Philippe Marini (UMP) candidate for the presidency of the Senate, provides a "blue wave", as in municipal, most of the actors and election observers provide for an advance shorter. Jean-Claude Gaudin, Mayor of Marseille and the UMP senator Bouches-du-Rhône (Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur), refers to "an advance ten senators" to "This will not be a triumph unless the rural France massively rocking right," said an officer of the UMP. Territorial reform proposed by the government concerned in these areas: rural departments may be affected, and the possible abolition of the county advice - not covered in this text, but initially set a goal of François Hollande in 2020 - is no longer welcome by the local elected officials .
The left can she still (a little ') hope?
In this difficult context, the left has very little reason for hope. Setting the right to dissent and the rise of the FN to maintain power PS. And the UMP has recently undergone many earthquakes. The case Bygmalion, false invoices campaign Nicolas Sarkozy and stink bombs that come out repeatedly in his leader to push the candidates to give the label of the party. But above all these scandals end up hurting the entire political class.

In addition, the Senate is renewed by half every three years, no seat held by an environmentalist is in Thu 28 September, and only five of the twenty-one are occupied by communists seats.

The FN can make his debut in the Senate?
With its revolutionary city, where he took eleven cities, including two of more than 30 000 inhabitants, the FN could make his debut at the Palais du Luxembourg for the first time in the history of the Fifth Republic. "The Senate vote is not favorable to us, but we have made progress in the body of the voters," said Michel Guignot, director of the National Front for the Senatorial campaign. It 'mostly in the department of Bouches-du-Rhône, where Jean-Noel Guerini, who will soon be tried for "misappropriation" chipped, that the election of a senator FN is more likely.

Who is a candidate for the presidency of the Senate?
President of the Senate is the establishment and conduct of the proceedings. He acts in the event of a vacancy of the Presidency of the Republic, but its main functions are to appoint members of institutions such as the Constitutional Council and the Supreme Council of Audiovisual. But this position is primarily intended to double his salary Senator: Senate President receives 7 € 100.15 gross per month in compensation as a senator for 7 € 057.55 for the president. It also has an official residence of the Petit Luxembourg, and a car with driver.
Three candidates are declared to be elected on October 1. Jean-Pierre Raffarin, a member of the leadership of the UMP, and Gérard Larcher, former president of the Senate, are the two favorites. Around the first emphasizes the "kinship" of the second, which he accused of "not out of the Senate," which "must be open to the outside world." For its part, the entourage of Larcher trying to pass Raffarin for "UMP candidate," while "the power of the Senate is to ensure its independence from the party", and shareholder return of Sarkozy, entangled in several court cases.
In addition to these two heavyweights, Philippe Marini, senator and mayor (UMP) of Compiègne (Oise) and chairman of the Finance Committee, has declared his candidacy. Nathalie Goulet centrist and socialist Didier Guillaume are also candidates. The current chairman of the Senate Jean-Pierre Bel (PS) announced in March that he would leave politics after the elections of 28 September.

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