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lunedì 29 settembre 2014

What gruesome end of the innocent Hervé Gourdel !!!!

Slimane Melab,
There is no deeper feelings of sadness, I think that's the term I'm looking to express my deep sorrow for my poor heart is completely sad for the death of Herve Gourdel, a French mountaineer an athlete, a great lover of nature, barbarously murdered in land of the Berbers of Kabylia, where he went to relax and breathe the fresh air of the Berber mountains Djurdjuran. The killers have chosen properly the Berber region in order to tarnish the honor of the Kabyle, respect, recognition, pairing of Kabylia in France, the mutual love between the two peoples, sympathy and understanding that traveled throughout their existance events that led to this cultural reciprocity and recognition especially in a very large nation such as France, the mother of all Africans, one that had radically changed the lives of many people, poverty total to a decent and dignified life. The French should know that true Kabyle never will such an atrocity. The murderers used the blood of an innocent apolitical to threaten an entire nation to get to their knees and those of a group of ignorant, miserable killers who hide in taverns like wild boars and manifest themselves that night to even assassinate civil poor, innocent and away from all the cruel historical events that have brought the country to Islamic terrorism.
Kabyle decided to declare mourning throughout the region to the memory of this angel, this very large sports that was sacrificed in vain for an inhuman and monstrous atrocious cause. I offer my sincere condolences to the family of Hervé Gourdel and throughout France, the mother of the world who was offended by a group of unscrupulous criminals.
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Hervé Gourdel 5 days ago in Algeria.

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