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lunedì 22 settembre 2014

Petition on Facebook: Bring my sister at home; #FreeGhonchehGhavami

By Slimane Melab,
Honestly, I am deeply touched by this terrible injustice to the present day? Iran, a state of the art industrial country and one of the most important countries of the world, an incredibly ancient history and great story, is to count the number of sheep that went from a country lane? 
What happened to Ghoncheh Ghavami is unacceptable in every sense, the woman in Iran Bring my sister at home; #FreeGhonchehGhavaminon Has never been considered in any legal responsibility for the Iranian woman is a complement of man to satisfy his needs and to keep the house as long or completely veiled. 
The Iranian people have not yet understood that this terrible and ancient tradition has never made an integral part of the Koran, well it's all an invention of man that can fulfill its objectives, those of domination, oppression and dictatorship human. 
Ghoncheh according to the source has not done anything serious, it was limited to watching a game of men's volleyball and was imprisoned unjustly. I sign this petition because I have always defended the rights of all citizens of the world, but especially that of women and if the Iranian authorities are interested in, the Prophet Muhammad said: "Paradise is under the feet of all mothers", these mothers are FEMALES and MALES! 
In addition I would ask the intervention of other institutions in favor of this poor girl unjustly imprisoned in Iran. 
The freedom we had been given free of charge by God and not by man that do not respect it. Women and men are equal and there should not be a barrier to those who measure the value of the two sexes.
Riportate mia sorella a casa; #FreeGhonchehGhavami

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