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martedì 23 settembre 2014

The US military bombed positions of the Islamic state in Syria

According to "Le"
The United States led some forty strikes in northern Iraq and the Iraqi border. France did not participate in this offensive.
Le Pentagone, par la voix du contre-amiral John Kirby, a confirmé avoir lancé une offensive aérienne contre la Syrie, mardi matin.
The Pentagon, through the voice of Admiral John Kirby against, confirmed it had launched an air offensive against Syria, Tuesday morning. © Susan Walsh / AP / SIPA
The coalition led by the United States for the first time Tuesday attacked by air and sea positions of the group of the Islamic State (EI) in Syria, opening a new front in the war against these targets jihadist strikes in Iraq . This is the first foreign intervention in Syria since the start of the civil war in March 2011 in that country, where the jihadists of the IU since 2013 occupy large areas in the northern border of Iraq and Turkey .
This comes as a French is being held hostage in Algeria by a jihadist group linked to the AR. The latter threatened on Monday to run within 24 hours if France did not cease its strikes against Iraq in the EI. The Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad, considered illegitimate by the United States, said he was informed Monday of Washington's intention to hit the jihadists positions. The Pentagon said the strikes had been carried out "by means of fighters, bombers and Tomahawk missiles" fired from such vessels operating in international waters of the Red Sea and the Gulf.
Twenty jihadists killed
Five Middle Eastern "partner nations" - Jordan, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates - "participated or supported" these strikes, the Pentagon said. According to an American official, the raids were aimed mainly at positions of IE Raqa, the power center of IE, as well as targets on the border, highly porous, between Syria and Iraq. According to the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights (OSDH), the coalition led forty air raids and missile attacks against the "basics, posts and positions" of IE to Raqa and in the region of Abu Kamal (east) on the Iraqi border. Twenty jihadists were killed.
The strikes also targeted positions of the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda, Al-Nosra Front, fighting the regime and the jihadists of IE in the very complex conflict in Syria. At least thirty fighters of al-Qaida, and eight civilians, including three children, were killed in the strikes carried out Tuesday by the coalition led by the United States in northern Syria, the OSDH reported: "At least thirty fighters of al-Qaeda, mostly foreigners, and eight civilians, including a woman and three children were killed in the strikes which targeted the west of the northern province of Aleppo. "
The Syrian opposition has welcomed the American strikes while stressing the need to put pressure on President Bashar al-Assad, it seeks to overturn. The strikes came as fighters IR led an offensive to capture the strategic town of Ain al-Arab (Kobané in Kurdish), third Kurdish city in Syria, the control would allow him full control of a long strip of the Syrian-Turkish border.
Exile of 130,000 Syrian Kurds
While they have taken for one week over 60 villages around Kobané, rapid progression was slowed Monday by Kurdish fighters helped their brothers in arms from Turkey, according to OSDH. Jihadist progression has forced more than 130,000 Syrian Kurds to flee and cross into Turkey, according to the UN and the Turkish government. The latter said that his country had "taken all necessary if the influx of IDPs would continue measures." On another front the Syrian conflict, the Israeli army killed Tuesday a Syrian plane, apparently a MIG-21, which came up to the line on the Golan Heights, part of which is occupied by Israel, according to Israeli military radio.
In his anti-jihadist strategy announced on September 10 as part of a coalition of forty countries, President Barack Obama warned that it reserved the right to hit the EI group, including Syria. American strikes against the positions of the EI launched on August 8 in northern Iraq, which France joined Friday had slowed the advance jihad and helped the Iraqi and Kurdish forces to take over certain sectors jihadists .
french hostage
On the eve of raids in Syria, EI called on supporters in a message published in several languages, to kill people, including Americans and French, countries belonging to the coalition. A few hours later, the "Jund al-Khilafa" Algerian jihadist group, which supports IE, claimed Monday night abduction of a French abducted Sunday night in Tizi Ouzou, east of Algiers. The video shows Gourdel Hervé Pierre, a guide 55, sitting on the floor flanked by two masked gunmen. "I leave it to Holland, president of the French state criminal, care to stop the attacks against the IU within 24 hours of the publication of this release or Hervé Gourdel be slaughtered," said one of the two men.
The French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said that there would be "no negotiations" with the kidnappers. The SI is responsible for terrible atrocities - rapes, kidnappings, executions - aired since late August videos showing the beheading of two American journalists and a British aid abducted in Syria.

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