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domenica 21 settembre 2014

André Bergeron, one of the founders of FO, died

One that embodies a decidedly reformist union, facing the compromise, has died in the night at the age of 92 years
André Bergeron, secrétaire général du syndicat Force ouvrière, est reçu par le ministre de l'Économie et des Finances Valéry Giscard d'Estaing dans les années 1970.
André Bergeron, general secretary of the Workers Force union, is received by the Minister of Economy and Finance Valéry Giscard d'Estaing in 1970 © UNIVERSAL PHOTO / Sipa
Source AFP,
André Bergeron, General Secretary of the Workers Force 1963-1989, died on the night of Friday to Saturday, at the age of 92 Born on January 1, 1922 André Bergeron became a printer's apprentice at the age of 14, in a press the territory of Belfort and participate in strikes in 1936 after the war and years of forced labor in Austria, he took part in 1948, to create FP, whose militants come from the ranks of the CGT.
He became general secretary of the FO in 1963, André Bergeron takes the social scene of the center until 1989, will be offered several times a ministerial portfolio, but will decline all requests. During the events of May 68 won employers that the minimum wage has increased by three francs, while the CGT and Jacques Chirac, asked by Prime Minister Georges Pompidou had agreed at the time of 2.70 francs.
During this period, André Bergeron, who retired in 1989, will play a decidedly reformist trade unionism turned to the compromise, FO as a privileged partner of the employers and the state. President of the Institute of Social History, a member of the European Confederation of Free Trade Unions, Mr. Bergeron has chaired several times the advice of the national system of unemployment insurance UNEDIC.
A former union leader has written several books, including the Workers' Force, has opened a "letter union in 1975, I claim the right direction in 1996, and his memoirs in 2002, Mr. Bergeron died in Belfort, where he lived, said M. Mailly. son of an employee of the SNCF, was an actor, Andre Bergeron is one of the creation of the union in 1948.

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