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venerdì 19 settembre 2014

Dresses correct required in schools and colleges, Restore discipline

According to "Algérie360com"
Restore order and discipline in schools is the workhorse responsible for these structures. This is the conditio sine qua non for ensuring good conditions for teaching and knowledge transfer.
One of the main measures taken by the Ministry of Education for this fall is the dress. Students in school, especially in the second and third level (middle and high) are now required to wear "decent". For example, girls should not wear makeup or jewelry and other accessories. The "gauchos", skirts, lightweight and low-cut dresses will be banned from the school grounds. The boys are also expected to come with clean hair, without any trace of gel and wear the correct cutting. The institutions have already implemented these guidelines.
By the third day after the re-entry, the entry in the institutions bans were served to all those who have not followed the instructions correctly stated in the registration form. The latter has not been signed and notarized by the parents as a mere formality that lend themselves to possible consequences.
lively debate
In fact, the measure does nothing exceptional. In 2008, the Ministry of Education had already implemented a series of disciplinary measures in schools and universities. A note with the number 786 had been sent to the principles of forty-eight wilaya. Enjoined them to prohibit students come masked and wearing extravagant clothes in schools in pregnancy. This decision was then stirred great controversy between supporters and detractors. But once the time of its implementation has passed, gates OPE. And the same images of young people wearing party clothes resurfaced. So definitely the revival of such a measure to achieve true discipline in our schools. Samia B. displays approval. "I'm in training for nearly ten years and every year I see the problems caused by wearing inadequate clothing, both as a class as relations ENTERED students. This generation is very soon., I believe that we can not come to school extravagant makeup or clothes. School is not a catwalk. When I say that this is also true for boys. believe that it was time that the department responds. "most parents feel that it is justified. Halim, a father of two college students, he said: "When I accompany my children, I am horrified by what I see. The girls reach middle school up as adults. Others are dressed in a very provocative. Indeed, I wonder if their parents see them as they left the house "is under discussion.
By students, opinions differ. In front of the school-Lebjaoui Bab Ezzouar Ahmed, a student of 1st year secondary shouts: "We are not in a barracks. I wore a bandana on her hair down and it is necessary for me to keep my hair still attached is collected with the bandana ". His friend is not of this opinion and believes that some of the students' exaggerate in their clothes. They create a climate of tension in which the verbal abuse abound. "In high school, Omar al Mokhtar Bordj El Kiffan, the strict application of the disciplinary guidelines is noticed. Recalcitrant between girls and boys camped out in front of the main entrance and trying to convince supervisors. But nothing is done, the settlement is now applied in all its rigor. Imade, in the second year science, just arrived panting. "I went home to put long pants, but I know, I had a quiet first year with good results," he says resignedly while wanting in this vein that "the dress will apply the discipline of the faculty. Beyond this decision, it is a whole psychological struggle that is being waged to put an end to a situation that adversely affects the psychic of some students. Tamni to Meriem, a clinical psychologist, family therapist at CPS Bellili Algiers Center, "this measure is very important and timely, as complex problems and situations are experienced by some students because of the clothing. In addition, the clothes "unusual" are at the root of the problems and adversely affect the smooth running of the course, "he says. Appears our interlocutor, also," his commitment to the idea of a uniform to school. It 's perfect because this will erase social differences. We keep our consultations in cases of students marginalized and suffering from difficulties at school due to parent p PROBLEMS vestimentaires.Les means that employees can not meet the huge needs of their children who ask dresses with reference to what are their peers. This measure allows to instill discipline in the schools, "says clinical psychologist this. Rigor and discipline are the key to success in every field, in particular that of education.
Tenues correctes exigées dans les lycées et collèges, Rétablir la discipline

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