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mercoledì 3 dicembre 2014

Algeria will need 75 billion cubic meters of natural gas in 2030

According to "Algeria 1"
Experts have estimated the needs of Algeria natural gas by 2030 to no less than 75 billion cubic meters given the strong growth in the country's economic activity.
The figure was revealed by Amina Seghali frame Sonelgaz which presented Tuesday a communication 'gas demand forecast for the domestic market in 2030 and the impact of the introduction of renewable energies "to during an international workshop "World Markets for natural gas: Issues, actors strategies and impacts", closed Tuesday to Oran Convention Centre (OCC) "Mohamed Benahmed".
Consumption of natural gas represents 34% of total production in Algeria and domestic demand is growing strongly (12.4% from 2011 to 2012), according to statistics provided by the process. While the increase in domestic consumption, which is related to the growth of economic activity in the country, increased from 14 billion cubic meters in 2003 to 24,000,000,000 m3 in 2013 (power plants consumed 14 billion m3 2013 against 9 billions m3 2003).
For Amina Seghali, global natural gas needs for Algeria will be 75 billion cubic meters in 2030, a cumulative 843 billion m3 (2014-2030). They are currently (2014) of 27 billion m3.
Regarding natural gas requirements for the production of electricity for the period 2014-2030, forecasts indicate an accumulation of 429 billion m3. They are currently 14 billion m3 will be 37 billion m3 in 2030.
Related needs with other uses of natural gas, including industry, reached 12 billion m3 in 2013. Ms. Seghali, forecasts for these uses counting on 40 billion m3.

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