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venerdì 5 dicembre 2014

Night out with the gendarmes of Guelma, under high supervision discos and cabarets.

According to "Algérie"
  The halls of Dancing, cabarets and nightclubs are subject to greater control by the security services, in anticipation of the holiday season.
"It is a preventive action in the context of the fight against all forms of crime, including the consumption and marketing of drugs, recruitment of children and other crimes," said the commander of the regional grouping of the National Gendarmerie (GN) Guelma, Colonel Gana Benouda. Raid without notice are provided for in these places. Special units are mobilized, among other brigades Dog Sections security and police intervention and the protection of minors and the fight against juvenile delinquency. A taste of what will be the crackdown was given in last Sunday night during a raid of the elements of the group GN Guelma in a ballroom, known for organizing evenings Bedouin, located in an isolated place. Inside, a large parking lot. The vehicles are registered in neighboring wilayas and beyond. Bouncers monitor the premises.
In a large room, the men are sitting in the soft light, while the women dance. Gendarmes pass control of the customer. "We verify the identity of the people to ensure that you do not want or are not the subject of an arrest warrant," said the officer GN. Some were also subjected to a body search. Police are searching for weapons, psychotropic or kif treated. GN trained dogs have gone to action: the toilets are examined. At the sight of the gendarmes, customers are hiding in the toilet. Tables, backrooms and even dance scenes are subject to revision. At the same time, another group of police checks the vehicles parked outside.
The manager is logged on, making sure that exercising this profession under the law. "I have a permit to operate a ballroom. I hired security guards to ensure the safety of customers, but also the safety of dancers and waitresses. I have blocked access to any person and consumption of prohibited products suspects," he insisted MZ, the manager, saying that it is not "embarrassed" unannounced visits by security services. "This is a guarantee of security for us, especially with the holiday season," he argued. The manager reported that her dance was a great success thanks to the programming of traditional music. "With the deteriorating security situation in Tunisia, most of the clientele were recovered that they used to spend Christmas Eve with our neighbors," he added.
Business cards for dancers
Backstage, gendarmes tried dancers and waitresses women, young girls of different provinces to work in the cabaret. They said they are declared to social security and to have business cards as "waiter". The latter has paid a monthly salary of 15,000 DA client more tips that can reach up to 5,000 DA night. The manager said that these girls are supported by the institution. "We rented rooms in their stations and ensures their transport. At the end of the work, are accompanied by our bouncers," the official said. Colonel Gana explained that all the women who work in this type of place is identified and blocked by our service. "This is, in some cases, the girls sought in the interest of families, girls who have escaped or children involved in crimes," said the officer. That night, several cabarets were inspected. Were found three offenses related to the exercise of unauthorized activity monitoring and the use of business card holder is not personal. Offenses minimal compared to the fears of the gendarmerie. In fact, its elements are seeing a marked increase in the use of psychotropic drugs in nightclubs.
Girls: attention to GHB!
Mixed with alcohol, drugs become dangerous for their consumers. "Psychotropic are complimentary in the form of candy to the young people who frequent these places," says Colonel Gana. The official also warned against the use of rape drug GHB. This product in liquid form has sedative effects that prevent victims of sexual violence to resist. It is usually paid in beverages without the knowledge of the victims. "It 'a product that comes in our country, thanks to the year-end holiday season," said the officer. The samples were collected and analyzed from the National Institute of Criminology and Forensics has confirmed that this is indeed the GHB. To avoid such problems, and other crimes, "checkpoints and barriers are installed in these places, more patrols," says Gana colonel.
Virée nocturne avec les gendarmes de Guelma, Les boîtes de nuit sous haute surveillance

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