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giovedì 22 agosto 2013

Al-Jazeera attacks in the United States

According to Algeria
What a discovery!! All Arab countries are invited to contemplate the mobilization of Qartaris in the development of their country. They invest in the United States by moving other countries ((Arabized)), leading them to hatred, aggression and hostility without any vital sense against Western countries and especially against America?. When the Maghreb countries, mobilize and express their rebellion against their states. gentlemen Qatar next store to the other ocean, negotiate and bargain in cases of large values.
Algerians must understand that the people of the Middle East do not reason like them culturally, historically and especially linguistically. Those are just businessmen premium that we must never give confidence. Before they feel the Arab leaders, superiors, the legitimate owners of the Muslim religion, protected by God, the best, the chosen disciples of the Koran .... But later they are just hypocrites who turn to the West, because of their weakness, they will incite rebellion to revolution, hatred of the peoples themselves respect and with whom they work in all fields for years and years. The home of golf there there's that American and European technologies in particular.
Al-Jazeera s’attaque aux États-Unis

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