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venerdì 30 agosto 2013

Documents declassified and published by "Foreign Policy", the CIA helped Saddam gassing over 70,000 Iranians

According to Algerian 360.con,
At a time when the U.S. is putting pressure on Syria, accused of using chemical weapons, the U.S. Foreign Policy magazine, published an article in which the CIA is accused of helping Saddam Hussein in ... Iranians gassed. The magazine is based on declassified documents and testimonies of U.S. high-ranking retired, who returned to the activities of the Agency during the Iran-Iraq war, which lasted nine years (1980-1988).
Wanting to destroy the Islamic revolution that had put the Shah in 1979, the CIA had provided Iraq with the information it has on the movement and the Iranian military installations. Saddam Hussein would have had the opportunity to drive four chemical attacks against its neighbors, which have caused more than 70,000 deaths.
Iraq, Saddam Hussein (222).jpg
Saddam Hussein 

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