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sabato 10 agosto 2013

The Swiss dreaming aloud to chair Algeria

By Slimane Melab,
I have no legal way for me to try some well-integrated people in Algeria but later decided to opt for a diverse destination, for reasons and other personal interests.
Acctually I noticed that there's a lot of contenders for the presidency of Algeria? This is not a problem if y 'will a true democratic vote and the elected person will live up specially to solve the social problems that have created too many barriers that have divided the various cultural ethnic groups in Algeria.
Unfortunately regionalism existed since the dawn of time and it continues to gallop quickly spreading poisonous seed everywhere. Whoever will to power will recognize the Amazigh. Amazigh as with Aboriginal race, national, official and the Amazigh language will be studied throughout the country and not only in the Kabyle region. All Amazigh of North Africa have recognized this millennium and ancestral language. This language must be included in all the papers: Civil states, Daira, Wilaya, passport, identity card or other. We can not wait forever for it allows us to us to act in full freedom we??
After language Tamazight for us all other foreign languages, second, third and fourth.
We want Amazigh our freedom and Aboriginality. We do not want a president who speaks only Arabic or French only or only a president Algerian Berber but who will be able to address its popolation in three languages, which will be up to manage the entire country without regionalism and without discrimination . We Amazigh, we tired of promises of seedy men and traitors who are considering very specific reforms but are on the ground and other personal projects. Was tired of corrupt men, abuse of power, aggression, defiance of power, shame, thieves heritage Algerians are fed up with men, they just come to power, it systhemer think of their families, their parents, their neighbors, their children and other friends. Was tired of hearing the same salad were Westerners, were the French, the Americans .... ?? No and no!! Were the leaders of the power handling while Algeria, the press Justice (nonexistent) corrupted. We would like a brave man who has clear ideas to deal with our country is about to go adrift. The Algerian state must manage both independently and without any duty to account to the army. We need a fair, serious and patriotic president. We need a president who developed infrastructure, which can carry the work to many families.
In Algeria there there's everything you need but we lack a charismatic figure who will uphold our country throughout the world. The Algeria is a country of the future that will become leader who will impose its values ​​on the planet.
We have a FERRARI, we lack a real pilot!
Le Suisse qui rêve tout haut de présider l’Algérie
Ali Benouari, 62 ans.

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