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giovedì 22 agosto 2013

Twenty years after the assassination of Kasdi Merbah, the Khalaf family requires reopened

According Algerie,
This time it is not a Matoub, a real Algerian Kabyle, Aboriginal and Amazigh, but a Moroccan Fez Kasdi Merbah was from the country of Ben Bella, Bouteflika etc ... The list is endless ... Practically, Algeria has never been led by a true Algerian?? Anyway they always spoke very badly of France, Jews, Moroccans, Tunisians, Egyptians, Libyans and etc. .... I guess you all imagine what kind of people that govern Algeria from 62 to today?? Here is a sketch of Mr Kasdi Merbah:
Kasdi Merbah, whose real name was Abdullah Khalaf, born April 16, 1938 in Fez (city of Jews) in Morocco and died August 21, 1993, is an Algerian politician of Moroccan origne. As head of the Military Security, it plays a vital role in the Algerian government from 1962 to 1980. He was head of the government of Algeria on 5 November 1988 to 9 September 1989.
His career after independence
Undisputed boss of the "SM" at the Department of National Defence from October 1962 to February 1979, close and faithful collaborator Boumedienne, he actively participated in the coup of 19 June 1965. When the agony of Boumedienne, he was responsible for all security services: police, gendarmerie and military security, which explains its role in the transition process.
In January 1979, he emerges from the shadows by providing support to Colonel Chadli, which outweighs its main competitors. Vice-Chairman of the Central Committee, he abandoned his duties as head of the Military Security to be May 5, 1979 Secretary General of the Ministry of Defence. Promoted to colonel July 28, 1979, however he lost his seat in the Politburo of the FLN, reduced from 17 to 7 members, but retains its functions to the Ministry of Defence.
When reshuffle of 15 July 1980, Merbah is sidelined. He left the key post of Secretary General of the Ministry of Defence to become deputy defense minister in charge of logistics and military industries, until 12 January 1982 when he was appointed Minister of Industry heavy. On 16 January 1984, he returned as the Politburo alternate member, and on 22 January, it goes from heavy industry to agriculture and fishing, where he develops the liberalization of "socialist agricultural areas," transformed into " collective farms "or individual status, which paves the way for further privatization.
Member of the Committee enrichment of the National Charter in 1986, inspired the trip Chadli the United States, President of the Committee on Institutions, he loses the Ministry of Agriculture and Depeche February 15, 1988 for the least Important Health. Technician unparalleled since the days of Boussouf, Kasdi Merbah is a pure product of the FLN. For a long time it was one of the barons boumédiénisme and one of the pillars of the various governments.
In the aftermath of the riots of October 1988, he was appointed by the President November 5, 1988 to form a new government. Under the new constitutional provision adopted by referendum last November 3, he took the title of Head of Government, which replaces the Prime Minister that his predecessor was Abdelhamid Brahimi. Efficient and orderly, however, it is dismissed September 9, 1989, less than a year after his appointment to head the government for "warmth" in the implementation of reforms. His dismissal was almost open a political crisis within the government after he opposed the president Chadli legal arguments.
He was replaced by Mouloud Hamrouche. After several months of reflection, he speaks May 14, 1990 in Tizi Ouzou FLN activists to discuss the crisis in the party and show for the first time his interest in the Berber language. On October 8, it separates a party where he was active for 34 years by resigning from the Central Committee. A month later, November 5, 1990, he filed to the Ministry of the Interior for approval of his own party record, the Algerian Movement for Justice and Development (MAJD) acronym meaning "glory" in Arabic, who gets his pleasure January 5, 1991 and he is Secretary General (MAJD not President). Law degree, he dedicates a stubborn hatred for the former president Chadli. He never attacked the Islamic salvation Front (FIS) It even maintains as strong as discrete contacts with representatives of various currents of Islamic ex-party. He will try to get them to the negotiating table. A complex operation that will cost him his life. On 25 July 1993, he arrived with his interlocutors the dissolved FIS agreement on a draft process back to the peace and national reconciliation to be submitted to authorities.

Kasdi Merbah.

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