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giovedì 29 agosto 2013

Milan-PSV 3-0. Rossoneri to the group stage of Champions. Double Boateng and Balotelli

Comment by S. MELAB
Milan played from start to finish on the break, with a few splashes dangerous in front of the PSV defense which by the way had no real experts strikers who could make a difference on the field. With regard to the result, it could also end up 4-0, 4-2, 4-3 0. From both sides there were errors. As for the players, I'd give almost the same vote. The best? undoubtedly Boateng. I do not think that Milan would keep head up against another team of excellent quality? And 'understanding that we are the first games beginning of the season nationally and internationally. The counter does not always work. The proof of the trident attack Milan I do not think that will make? for several reasons ... Was Allegri I'll never play ElShaarawi along with Balotelli, the first two (women) on the same stage??

Kevin Prince Boateng.

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