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mercoledì 28 agosto 2013

Use of chemical weapons in Syria, Assad warns Washington

Americans have become universal gendarmes on earth who stop at nothing at all, searched everywhere, they want to stop that and bombard everyone seemed their enemies and the whole world is silent and motionless in front of the decisions taken by the first world. Since when Syria uses chemical weapons? and if so, why this kind of nonsense now all media channels? Firstly they are the sellers of these chemical weapons? and why wait until almost two and a half years war and massacres to intervene?? And especially America who get ready to attack, to which Syria, a second Iraq?? We no longer believe in democracy, peace and happiness from neighboring and distant countries?? What is that President Assad, a dictator, a criminal or other I think that first of all he is at home, represents his country as president of the republic and all forms of revolts, riots or crimes will be taken accountable only to its own homeland Syria and the rest is optional worthless. The problem was born in the country and he will be solved by itself and its citizens. I see no point of the American or other intervention?? Finally the last bear no advantage, on the contrary they increase the number of deaths. The two world powers like Russia and China, which had imposed a veto, I do not quite understand their intentions before such a very large problem that has lasted for two and a half years?? They remained motionless and standing in silence and without giving any sign of life. What are the reasons that caused them to move away to contemplate and to remotely monitor all events in this hopeless war where everyone loses out!!
I speak to America and the West are all at the forefront in freedom level, especially justice and tolerance?? This is not the case of erase your past mistakes and to demonstrate once and for all the lives that you will act differently, not with weapons?? Chick! made or that your inspirations are none other than volunteers for once in your life. On this earth, since its inception, the white man in particular has never grant him a moment of peace as wars.
Utilisation d’Armes chimique en Syrie,Assad met en garde Washington
The president Bashar Al-Assad.

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