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martedì 13 agosto 2013

International arrest warrant against Chakib Khelil, relatives and Farid Bedjaoui (Updated)

According Algeria
An international arrest warrant was issued against former Algerian Energy Minister Chakib Khelil, his wife, two children and Farid Bedjaoui, nephew of a former Minister of Foreign Affairs.
The prosecutor at the Court of Algiers, Belkacem Zeghmati who announced the news today in a press statement. He also said he was frozen the assets of the family Khelil and sealing of their properties. The Attorney General has rejected the idea of ​​a slow Algerian justice.
Algerian judges "did not wait for the Italian though their investigation," said Mr. Zeghmati revealed that he sent a summons to appear before Khelil Algerian judges and answer charges of corruption on contracts between 2003 and 2011. Former Energy Minister invoked his health that would prevent future in Algeria. This is the result of this refusal that arrest warrants were issued for two weeks. Sought by the Maghreb Emergent Me Bourayou Khaled says that the problem lies in the fact that "not often communicate this financial scandal despite the fact that for Algeria and the Algerian justice." "I wish this conference (Mr. Zeghmati) be held before the information from the Italian justice system," said Mr. Bourayou. The lawyer said he was "convinced" that there is work being done by the Algerian authorities but it deserves to be supported by better communication.
The lawyer Me Fetta Sadat hoped that the arrest warrant against people with "special place in the plan is proof perhaps we will finally have confidence in the Algerian justice." However, it considers that justice has Algerian was "behind" on these important issues related to financial scandals involving the higher echelons of the Algerian state, as anticipated by its Italian counterpart. "It seems to me now that the Algerian court has no choice but to pretend or try to manage the business in a professional manner and in accordance with the laws of the Republic," she said.
Contracts 8 billion Euros with Saipem
The announcement comes as Attorney General in the Algerian media several articles have made a comparison between the advanced and the transparency of the court proceedings between Italy on the case of bribes, kickbacks paid by Saipem between 2007 and 2009 obtaining seven contracts in Algeria with a total value of € 8 billion. The amounts of bribes bribes are estimated according to the Italian procedure to 197 million.
"Commissions" paid to the Pearl Partners Limited based in Hong Kong, owned by Farid Bedjaoui the Italian press this as the "right arm" Chakib Khelil these troubled business. In Italy, the alter-ego of Farid Bedjaoui Pietro Varone, presented as a mistress of the corrupt system in place piece is in prison since July 28. He has now applied for a release before the judges who have until August 16 to decide.
Mandat d’arrêt international contre Chakib Khelil, ses proches et Farid Bedjaoui (Mise à jour)

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