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sabato 24 agosto 2013

Why terrorists they continue to plague in Algeria?

By Slimane Melab,
In my opinion, there are no Americans or Europeans in the middle of this huge uproar created famous criminal organizations such as GIA, GSPC, AQIM in North Africa and northern Mali and et C ... ! The power has always been the goal of every head claiming these "jihadis." Have not found a way out, these criminals have tried everything and had led everywhere, in all directions to provide a breakthrough in their intentions. Nevertheless revolt in Algeria they created the real abductions, murders, thefts, assaults to various citizens, terroristiques attacks in several military barracks, prepared ambushes against many officers killed, false roadblocks, extortion and threats against the population, despite this, the Algerian military failed to exterminate the criminals who are fighting in the name of God and Muslims. The current problem is the weakening of all AQIM organizations that have links with Al-Qaeda, after the intervention of the French army in northern Mali, the terrorists (Muslims) have found themselves in a maze of especially human and material crisis. Recruiting new followers has decreased considerably due to their recent losses in several confrontations and especially in northern Mali and the Algerian army that gives them no respite.
The West has no interest in supporting the Islamists who seek to establish Islamic republics, on the contrary, it is better that a dictator tutelage and protects their interests as so many others in the world. Who is behind these criminals is certainly a competitor that produces the same raw material as Algeria and Libya matter. As the revolt in Tunisia, it was just a hiccup in practice should not be a coincidence since Ben Ali took care of the interests of the West. As against Egypt, is the largest Arab country that until recently was headed by Mubarak perfectly (to the West) in the interest of the West and in accordance with the peace treaty with Israel. Morsi was not approved covenants and was about to touch a part of the laws of the Egyptian constitution and especially the latter? The terrorists are not interested in peace, let alone grow with Western countries, according to their advantage over the rest of the world.

Algeria has always been the main objective, it is a rich country, and especially strategic ((Muslim)), an easy prey to lead? ?

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