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venerdì 16 agosto 2013

An Algerian-born French ambassador tells the victim that he had been discriminated against

According to :
Comment by Slimane Melab.

It 's a sad reality that dwells in the hearts of several French-born Algerians (pieds-noirs) or East of Europe. For the so-called ((The Maghreb)), They have never lived up to understand these secrets, but they have always been humiliated and marginalized both in the long term to give the opportunity to them to govern this new France. They should win this war of discrimination that has lasted since 1962. Most of them were French (Pieds-Noirs), in Algeria, which means "Feet Blacks", in French, so they were baptized by the Algerians, (when they entered Algeria in 1827, were dressed all in black including boots), or the major party of them came from 'Eastern Europe,
And then there was no agreement for a minimum of real coexistence of negative elements that have caused
accordingly rivalry, dispute that led to hatred,
underestimation, especially discord and outright discrimination. They are (the founders) of the
New France, occupying the best positions
largest in France, are found in various government offices
, The State, in large factories, sales offices in public
In the army vehicles ... In short, they are everywhere and in the most important and
the most interesting places in France. But in reality, it's like a
cultural and economic colonization. The real long generation French
has nothing to do with those of today, is a kind of revenge
against the Algerians.
Nothing to do with religion with regard to the case of
Ambassador Franco-Algerian who in my opinion is not even Muslim.
Algerian Muslim does not mean today, because there are the three great monotheistic religions. It 'an injustice to put everyone in the same bag. Human beings are born free with no religion on earth, is the man who then tried to transform the natural life free, without prohibition to that of the laws and regulations of God, "You shall not covet your neighbor who does not want for you and you should never force your like to follow you because you know the truth, live the way you want and let live as they wish and always remember that you have nothing more than your brother, let God's judgment to God and do not get the same in his place! "

 Zair Kedadouche
Zair Kedadouche, Ambassador Franco-Algerian in Andorra

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