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sabato 10 agosto 2013

Sacchi warns of red: "Too many foreigners in Serie A"

With all my respect for this great country that I love so much and where I live, I'd love to remember Mr. Sacchi that his Scudetto was won 87-88 with a certain Ruud Gullit That he himself has asked the Prime Minister Berlusconi, and that consequently was content with bringing Van Basten and Frank Rijkaard. In the European Union there now that everything and every individual who became a citizen automatically will be considered where the national lends the work. If anything has changed in South Africa and why should not it in Europe? The world is changing everywhere, moreover, as the generations. Every one takes to defend her but as time passes for everyone and not let even a moment to safeguard their own race? My Inter club of foreigners has swept all in one year, a historical record, only Barcelona had done the same thing in Europe and in the world. I, I never saw a team all Italian white players and without foreigns to win a Champion's league and Euroleague?? I think that France has understood, but also Brazil multiracial which is basically always ... in the final. There should be no barriers meaningless in sports. In fact you have to fight against discrimination. Football is now a business, and it is right that every president bet on winning and not on skin color, the euro has neither color and does not smell!
Arrigo Sacchi, coordinatore delle nazionali giovanili azzurre. Ap
Arrigo Sacchi, coordinatore delle nazionali giovanili azzurre. Ap

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