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lunedì 19 agosto 2013

Khelil Bedjaoui, Verona and a half billion New revelations about the investigations of the Italian justice

According Algeria,
"The policy of the United States does not disclose information you requested because it is personal information" has officially responded, and after consultation with the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, the Embassy United States in Algiers to Brother Al Djazaïr News that approached its services to confirm or deny U.S. citizenship to the former Energy Minister Chakib Khelil.
The response of the United States holds the doubt. But not only. The non-circulation of the arrest warrant against Khelil and eight others associated with Sonatrach scandal on the Interpol website, is also pushing to ask questions.

And even if the Interpol representative in Algiers, and director of the judicial police, said in an article in the online newspaper Patriotic Algeria: "The words and the Attorney General at the Court of Algiers were clear .

We always work in accordance with the laws of the Republic in all cases and when there is an international arrest warrant, we generalize immediately and automatically in all countries and across our network. "

Anyway, Khelil showed his intention to appear before the Algerian justice and since his trial a political connotation and its media coverage may create some pressure on the Algerian justice, Hocine Zehouane, president of the League Algerian for the defense of human rights, said yesterday on the columns of El Khabar, that human rights are willing to be with the former minister to ensure the smooth running of the entire judicial process, far from any settlement of account.
Pending submission of Chakib Khelil in court, the Italian media continue their revelations about the case. The Italian newspaper Il sole 24 ore revealed on August 16 that through accounts in Switzerland Farid Bedjaoui, Canadians have a well-funded Chakib Khelil.
The Italian media, citing new survey results of the Italian justice, said the Canadian company First Calgary Petroleum has signed contracts with the company Park Limited, owned by Farid Bedjaoui, between 2002 and 2007.
The money received in the accounts of the company Farid Bedjaoui, based in Switzerland, has been used to finance a property Chakib Khelil and his friend Omar Habour, headquartered in Maryland, United States.
The paper also refers to two letters found that the former Minister of Energy may be addressed to the President of First Calgary Petroleum. In these matches Chakib Khelil reportedly expressed concern about a possible change of the CEO, Mr. Anderson. A change would have a negative impact on their business.
A few months after this letter in September 2008, First Calgary was acquired by ENI to 610 millions euro. Il sole 24 ore also reported the visit to Italy of two Algerian judges and two elements of the DRS, and to continue the investigation in this country and exchange information with investigators in Milan. The Italian newspaper also reported the payment of money by a subsidiary of Orasom Construction in Swiss accounts Farid Bedjaoui.
He said that the court in Milan last week rejected the request for release by the accountant Peter Verona and former officials of Saipem, arguing that the prosecutor has presented sufficient evidence to establish the guilt of the accused.
Recall that the investigation of the Italian justice has found traces of payments of bribes amounting to millions of euro, by Saipem and other companies, including the Canadian SNC Lavalin.
She also discovered the goods (yachts, art, property and business) and accounts opened by the accused in Dubai, Lebanon, Singapore, Panama and Switzerland. The misappropriated funds have not yet been quantified precisely, but we are talking about an amount that exceeds half a billion euro.
The main beneficiary would, according to Italian investigators, Farid Bedjaoui and former Minister Chakib Khelil is believed to be the recipient of the majority of funds. Moreover, the accounting Verona told investigators that Bedjaoui served as collector of bribes on behalf of the Algerian minister: "He told me that he gave money to the Energy Minister Khelil

KhelilBedjaoui, Benachenhou, Malti, Benhadj…Les invités surprise ...

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