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domenica 11 agosto 2013

Sonatrach case II What blocks the Algerian justice?

The revelations made by the Italian press, citing the prosecutor in Milan, would they conflict with the positions previously expressed by the Algerian side? During his multiple media outlets, the Minister of Justice, Mr. Mohamed Charfi has been saying that the various letters rogatory conducted into the Sonatrach case have still not reached their conclusions.
While the Algerian side, it is argued that the trial of the two Sonatrach case continues its merry way, the Italian Justice by the voice of the Milan prosecutors creates the event of the end of last week.

According to the Italian daily Corriere della Sera, citing the same source, "the Italian justice intends to seize $ 123 million deposited into accounts belonging to Farid Bedjaoui in the investigation of a corruption scandal involving the Italian oil group ENI in Algeria" .

However, there are less than a month, on 8 July, the Minister of Justice, Mr. Charfi had said that the judge responsible for the case Sonatrach 2 "fully accomplished its mission" and exercise its powers by taking several measures.

And thus as an argument, he said that in addition to several international letters rogatory, he cites the collection of information, convening people for investigation, the issuance of warrants of committal against persons and placement under control judicial others.

However, it will be noted, that "the obligation of confidentiality does not disclose new evidence in this case every 24 hours." Issues: the information published by the Milan prosecutors were they in possession of the Algerian side? If this were the case, why the Algerian justice has not seen fit to make them public?

One way to demonstrate to the national opinion that in this case, the government is riding on this issue and that the government is more than ever willing to shed light. Otherwise, ie if the information in question is not in the Algerian possession, whose fault? The Italian justice she did not cooperate with his Algerian counterpart?

Letters rogatory dispatched Rome she received facilitation from the Italian justice? This last she actually displayed his willingness to cooperate with Algeria?

These questions remain fully raised as the Algerian justice has not explained. Finally last question: the instruction that leads the Algerian justice been exceeded by the new twists?

It should be noted that the prosecutor in Milan (North) also issued an international arrest warrant against Mr. Bedjaoui, and adds that "over 100 million" might be in Singapore on controlled Bedjaoui accounts another 23 million would be in Hong Kong ", according to the Corriere della Sera newspaper letters rogatory were also launched on the accounts held by Farid Bedjaoui and his family, including Chakib Khelil, Singapore and Hong Kong.

In this case, it must be remembered, the Italian engineering and oil exploration Saipem, a subsidiary of oil giant ENI company, is believed to have paid up to 2009 jars of wine to Sonatrach. This led to the resignation of several officials of the Italian group, including his boss Pietro Tali.

That when the head of the Engineering and Construction Division, Pietro Varone and another part has been suspended as a precaution. It remains to be seen whether these new twists with the Milan prosecutor's office has actually outperformed the specialized court division within the center of Algiers court and in charge of the investigation of this case?
Affaire Sonatrach II, Qu’est-ce qui bloque la justice algérienne ?

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