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venerdì 11 ottobre 2013

Abdelghani Aloui, blogger imprisoned for criticizing Bouteflika.

Where are the biggest thieves of the Algerian state ? ? Still circulating in very good health and live easily without any problems. The last time I read an article " Long live the Algerian justice " ? ? It should be added .. the poor, we are shutting down the poor, the lazy , petty criminals , drug dealers , thugs and sometimes pedophiles. Those who are well treated and well placed by the head of state were able to slip into space by emptying the coffers of the treasury of the state to go elsewhere to spend their money at the expense of the poor and unfortunate Algerian living in total darkness. The information in Algeria is very limited because of the state vets are always there to watch , which oversees the entire national territory. There's an infinite number of people who criticized Bouteflika and all the presidents of the world. That he special or exclusive Bouteflika not to criticize ? ? Above all he is a man like everyone else , which has its flaws and qualities and a head of state is the country he presides, therefore it is subject to criticism of his people and the world . Only a dictatorial country has the privilege and priority citizenship, such as North Korea , Cuba, Venezuela , Ecuador, Cambogia , Saudi Arabia, Afghanistam , Pakistan , Iran, Eritrea , Cameroon and eventually throughout Africa. If the Bouteflika state wants to join Algeria to these countries , it must change the word democratic in : Algerian Republic ( (democratic) ) dictatorial state . There is no need to assign a word of great value , which weighs heavily in all global companies.
Democracy is not just an individual word that stops and is limited to expressions or human freedoms , on the contrary , democracy is a design collective agréement who associates or which differs according to the decision acquired by the people. In Algeria , it is the state that does everything without permission of its people. Who says Algeria says USSR. I see no difference? ?
Abdelghani Aloui.blogger imprisoned for criticizing Bouteflika.

Le blogueur Abdelghani Aloui incarcéré pour avoir critiqué Bouteflika

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