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giovedì 24 ottobre 2013

Milan-Barcelona: 1-1.

Tuesday Allegri's team, despite the lack of a potential attack, was able to block the team of Martians. Messi, apart from the great goal had been confined to try some harmless shot from distance, on the other hand, as did his col
league, outside class Brazilian Neymar that he did not really shone, indeed betrayed so many praise they are too chiachierati on his genius and great skill. Milan have had to run a counter attack given the lack of a physical means of his players. I think the team needs some real serious reinforcements and especially in midfield, a real director to Gullit. Although the counter is not a deadly weapon, rather it is a moral and physical weakness, fear of the opponent's team closes in on itself. Defending only you can't win. Football is attack, euphoria, excitement, joy and most importantly it is fun when so many goals are scored ...

Kakà in action against Barcelona.

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