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lunedì 7 ottobre 2013

Who is Bouteflika really?? the current president of Algeria!

According to a source of Morocco ,
Sincerely I remained open-mouthed in front of such information , very vivid and moving ! In reality, the president of Algeria who speaks very poorly of Harkis , traitors is not at all Algerian and not even the Algerian blood , grew up in Oujda in Morocco where he had studied in high school and no longer the University of Algiers ? ? Sources sidewalk who said he spoke eight languages ​​, he was a doctor of literature ? ? An even more serious than this gentleman had made the House nearby military NLA ( National Liberation Army ) Algeria but in the Dar El - Kebdani City NADOR - MOROCCO ?
The Algerian people is headed by a foreigner who had invented an Algerian origin? Also at that time , it was really very easy to forge papers .
Mr Abdelaziz Bouteflika is not only president of a country and a people who do not belong to him but he also turned the republican than monarchical Algerian eternal and unique in the world system , because usually the king abdicated for his son , Bouteflika abdicate to his brother and so on , for sister, for his friend to his neighbor .... Oujda We had several exiled Algerians due to a foreign dictatorship in Algeria because of an intruder through his friend Ben Bella , who also had invented a birth in Algeria in order to gain power it was offered to France, which had released after an agreement to join the maquis in 1959. The latter is part of the FLN as a founder to penetrate more easily, a man who had never gone to war , a child prodigy of France where he served in the French military in the rank of Master Corporal (very miserable ) . Consequently the left was dissolved because of misunderstandings between the contenders for the presidency , first we had eliminated most dangerous as colonel Amirouche Ait Hamouda , Krim Belkacem , Mourad Didouche , Abbane Ramdane .... Algerian exile true as Boudiaf , Ait -Ahmed .... And that independence happens suddenly attributed to these false mujahideen who have never gone to war , instead they were probably placed against the Algerian people . The FLN took power of the extreme right still led by France and today. Boumediene was the only understand the Moroccan Ben Bella , after the coup , the Oujda clan had trembled for 13 years until his mysterious death in 1979 ? ? In reality infiltrated across all jurisdictions Algerian government Oujda clan , has finally managed to remove or eliminate all the heads of state of Algeria until 1991 , it took refuge in the idea of ​​renewing Algeria thanks to a president in exile in Morocco for 27 years , is convinced of the identity of a very well-known figure in the clan and should - be transformed especially mentally , the clan decided to invest all his trust in this new President Mohamed Boudiaf .
Boudiaf was a real Algerian and despite his exile in Morocco , he remained loyal to his country and wanted to impose new laws by reworking the constitution. After 6 moix its mandate Boudiaf was assassinated in Annaba in a referendum trap . The great singer Matoub ( Kabyle ) , also murdered in 1998 , had given him a song in his memory.

Bouteflika- Boudiaf (assassined on 1992 by the power) and Matoub (assassined on 1998by the power).

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