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domenica 6 ottobre 2013

Rome, Totti: "Winning at La Scala is the maximum Scudetto? We can compete with everyone"

I saw an Inter completely disoriented when Rome goes on the attack , the Nerazzurri did not succeed in imposing their game and struggled to reach the conclusion that always ended badly. Apart from a few actions worthy of a great Inter who lacks a leader and director in midfield, Kavacic is very young for such a role in which we have passed many players but very few of great collective value as were the various Gullit, Futre Matthaeus , Baggio , Mancini , Maradona , Zidane ... In short, it takes a chief conductor. I saw a very mediocre midfield in front of a Rome very compact and well organized in all roles. Beyond the non-existent penalty , the team of Walter Mazzarri , she was very tired all over, some players to be saved, but then, lacked enthusiasm , competitive spirit and desire to do with fatigue. Despite the expulsion of Balzaretti , Roma managed to hold on until the end and error to inflict a shameful goleada Inter at home . As for the attackers , before attributing the blame , should serve him at least 10 to 15 scoring . We lost because of lack of experience , our kids really lacked a leader who would change the game on the field as he did Totti . We have to roll up our sleeves , draw a conclusion and make a positive change to the collective and concrete . And always alive INTER :

Roma coach "Garcia".

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