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lunedì 28 ottobre 2013

Traduci da: creolo haitiano NATIONAL ANTHEM Amazigh (Amazigh National Anthem)

National Anthem composed by Kabyle Idir Ait Amrane but generally attributed to Ali Laimèche ! This hymn dating from before the war in Algeria was sung by nationalists then Kabyle but echoed by several singers like Ait Menguelet or Djurdjuran Group . FRENCH TRANSLATION : Standing son Amazigh our sun rose, there was that time that I had seen , Brother, our turn arrivé.Cours tell Masinissa : What is today the country awake as to those who do not want to move , only one of us is worth more than lion.Dis , tell Yugurtha : Let his children have not forgotten them avenge him , They dig up his name. a Kahina of ChaouisQui guided men, Say . " pact which has left us , we will never forget we live with our language, Tomorrow will be better than yesterday , Berber grow and prosper , it is pillar of progress . the mountains came the call, we left for combat.Maintenant now more hesitation , we will break but we will fold pas.Algérie beloved , for you, we will make our blood, Your sky is lit , the sun of liberté.Ô hawk flying free, Greet well our frères.De Rio de Oro in Siwa , Children, the same blood unites us

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