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lunedì 14 ottobre 2013

Natural death or poisoning? The revelations of the Soviet's Boumediene doctor!!!

According Algeria ,
The revelations of Yevgeny Chazov , chief medical officer who headed the Department " 4 " for Health communist leaders in the Kremlin calls for every day the conditions of the still unsolved death of President Houari Boumedienne . He pleaded the poisoning theory . Enough to justify the reopening of an investigation ...
The interview with Dr. Chazov the Arabic replica of the Russian international chain , focused on his testimony about the care provided by physicians in the Soviet Algerian and Egyptian presidents Nasser and Boumediene .

A witness recorded in his recent book : "Health and Power, memories of a doctor of the Kremlin ", where he found , in essence, that " there is someone who would have helped President Boumediene to join the beyond . ". Remember the context .

It was just after the signing of the framework for peace in the Middle East, negotiated between Egypt and Israel at Camp David in the United States .

President Boumediene went to the USSR for treatment on his return from a tour that was conducted in ten capitals of the Middle East and which ended with a summit of the " Front firmness" (Syria, Libya , democratic Yemen , Algeria and PLO ), held in Damascus in September 1978 .

President Boumediene then undertook to rally the " sitters ". Advocating intransigence on the principles to preserve Palestinian despair after the defection of Egypt, Boumedienne relied heavily on a reconciliation between Syria and Iraq , which is essential for the credibility of a northern front against Israel.

However, Iraq's Saddam Hussein, who fought the Maghreb claim leadership Front firm , had turned around and boycotted the summit at the last minute, putting Boumediene , who had invested some of his authority, in trouble .

The Damascus summit was , in any case, resulted in Palestinian reconciliation and Jordanians . And while the United States brandishing the threat of military action to ensure peace , participants had decided to use the USSR. The geopolitical tension that had followed had nearly caused another war in the region.


In short , Professor Chazov remembered the top of its 84 years the conditions in which he had received the President Boumediene , the secrecy had been compelled the doctors to whom he had entrusted the USSR and also anxiety that made because of a rumor maintained at the hospital where he was in Algiers.

"We were afraid of being lynched if he died . Cream of Soviet doctors was there to take care of the President Boumediene . I had to call the President Andropov to tell him of my concerns if something happens to him .

At the death of President Boumediene , an official had brought us through the basement to get us out through a back door " door, til - related.

With regard to the diagnosis and though he supported without deciding , that the symptoms exhibited fire Boumediene resembled a "poisoning" , Pr Chazov confessed 35 years later, the medical team at his bedside s ' was revealed at the time, " unable to diagnose his condition ." According to him , the late president had told him that " he began to feel ill after eating the plane ."

If he did not specify where the aircraft was when these signs of fatigue appeared on him , Pr Chazov has nevertheless not fail to draw a parallel with the death of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat for the failure of diagnosis.

" We found a lot of dysfunction of vital organs and also a change in the chemical equation of blood. We were at a critical condition worsened. We had accompanied in Algiers.

Other doctors had been brought from France but we were unable to understand the cases, " he said. Boumedienne died a little over a month after his tour in the East. - Will there be a day below its death ? His body he dug for a review ? This is the only solution , in fact , in order to clarify the diagnosis and elucidate the conditions of his death.
The ex president Boumediene.

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